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Get Out of Here, Johnny Depp, No One Wants Your 'Surprise Appearances'

By Vivian Kane | Pajiba Love | June 28, 2016 |

By Vivian Kane | Pajiba Love | June 28, 2016 |

If Johnny Depp showed up anywhere near me I wouldn’t call it a “surprise” appearance. I like surprises, surprises are fun. Depp dropping in someplace is more a “harrowing unexpected nightmare” appearance. (Celebitchy)

In this shitbird of a year, a few comedians have found that bittersweet (maybe rage-sweet) spot we needed hit in our hearts to help us deal, and they’ve hit it hard. (Lainey)

The Red Cross made a pool safety poster that seems like it represents a super diverse community until you realize that every child of color in the pool is an example of misbehaving rule-breakers. Yeah, people are pissed. (BuzzFeed)

I haven’t finished the newest season of Orange Is the New Black yet, but I’m already planning to devour every book on this reading list inspired by the show. (Bitch)


Dustin’s got your Preacher questions and maybe a couple of answers, too. (Okay, at this point in this show it’s mostly just questions.) (Uproxx)

This 100-year-old woman says the secret to living a long life is gin and I choose to believe her with my entire heart and soul. (DListed)

Breaking news: the people who choose to be on reality shows aren’t always super genuine or nice. Try to contain your shock. (Cosmo)

It’s not true that Los Angeles has no public transit system. We actually have a pretty decent one! However, I do believe that it’s so underused that we could maybe benefit from these absurdly violent safety PSAs. (Mediaite)

That song you love from the Game of Thrones finale is on Spotify. (Vulture)

I really can’t muster up any feelings at all about the Tetris movie (sorry, trilogy), but the updated amendment at the end of this article is the greatest “well, actually” I’ve seen in a long time. (Guardian)

Sarah Caudwell’s writing style in Thus was Adonis Murdered reminded Cannonballer Ellesfena of P.G. Wodehouse. "It’s an entertaining, quick, fluffy little read." Sadly this little series is only three books long. What other series do you wish were longer? (Cannonball Read 8)

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