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Gene Simmons Is Sorry, Not Sorry That He Told People To Kill Themselves

By Agent Bedhead | Pajiba Love | August 18, 2014 |

By Agent Bedhead | Pajiba Love | August 18, 2014 |

Ivan Reitman reveals why he decided not to direct Ghostbusters 3. Reitman also summarized his feelings on Bill Murray’s decision to not be involved in the project: “He’s somewhat reluctant about most things.” (Collider)

Cara Delevingne dressed up like a piece of pepperoni pizza and flipped off the paparazzi. There’s a profound statement in there somewhere. (GFY)

Elizabeth Vargas, an ABC news anchor, has entered rehab for the third time in a year. She suffers from alcoholism, and ABC News supports Vargas all the way. This woman and her family have been through some serious sh*t. Man. (WG)

Justin Timberlake has managed to spark a controversy in the most unexpected way. He used the word “ninja” and managed to make it offensive. Context matters, people. (CB)

Gene Simmons is begrudgingly sorry that he told depressed people to kill themselves. He’s mostly sorry that his words were “misconstrued.” What he really meant was that alcoholics and drug addicts should kill themselves. (DL)

Joaquin Phoenix gives Josh Brolin the stink eye in the first official image of Paul Thomas Anderson’s Inherent Vice. (Slashfilm)

Chris Pratt shows off a photo of the Scooby Doo van he used to live in while bro-ing it up in Hawaii. Aww, it’s young Pratt Pratt Pratt. (HuffPo)

Leonardo DiCaprio attended a fancy Oceana foundation gala and looked like this. He doesn’t care anymore about cleaning up. He doesn’t have to care. I’d find that attitude beautiful if it wasn’t Leo and his posse of supermodels that we’re talking about. (Lainey)

This “women in refrigerators” and “fridging” supercut should make you very angry. If it doesn’t, then we need to have a talk. (TMS)

Surprise, surprise. A new study has revealed that women are much less likely to receive flexible work schedules than their male counterparts. (Jezebel)

Let’s talk about Mark Hamill getting older without trying to sound like we’re talking about Mark Hamill getting older. Dude has a beard for Episode VII though! (Unreality)

Here’s a friendly PSA detailing why you shouldn’t wear a skirt and thong on the back of a motorcycle. Because some pervert will record a full minute of footage and upload it to YouTube, that’s why. (Uproxx)

Rihanna went to a bar in NYC. She waited in line “like a normal person.” For some odd reason, this is kind of a big deal. (PS)

In the wake of Jennifer Lawrence’s secret romance with Chris Martin, Jessica Seinfeld would like everyone to know that her BFF, Gwyneth Paltrow, is a person worthy of love. (Us)

Fall may be fast approaching, but there’s still time for these summer projects an activities before cool weather hits. Someone be a darling and plant me some tulip bulbs soon. (MF)

Weird Al did an ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video. His ending was an amazing kick at every celebrity who keeps trying to “upmarket” their nominations. Also the best? Al’s wife.

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