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Furious Alien Life Form and His Earthling Wife Were Turned Away from Rihanna's Met Gala After-Party

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | May 2, 2017 |

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | May 2, 2017 |

Soooo, The MET GALA was last night. You’d never know it. I mean, it’s really hard to find any coverage of it. It’s basically like it didn’t happen. No, wait, it’s the exact opposite of that. It’s pretty much the ONLY thing I can find today! You can certainly go look at pictures on your own, but wouldn’t you rather look at the ones that I’ve already looked at FOR you and decided that you really should look at them? I mean, I’m doing you a favor.

This look from Solange is getting pretty good reviews. All I can think of when I see it is Holly Hunter in Home for the Holidays, “This is not my puffy coat”. - (GFY)

On the other hand, Janelle Monae and Chrissy Tegan, OMG, be more perfect. You can’t. You just can’t. These dresses are stunning and interesting and artistic and I want to pet them! - (Lainey)

Salma is wearing some bodysuit thing under her dress. I don’t know. Maybe it’s meant to hold the democracy inside her and keep it from escaping. I don’t really know who Emily Ratajkowski is, other than IMDb tells me she’s an actress/model. I think her dress is gorgeous, regardless of whether or not it fit the theme of the gala. - (Celebitchy)

And then you have Celine, a Met Gala virgin! I like it. I can’t figure out if her headdress is made out of hair or not. - (Lainey)

We know for a FACT, though, that if Celine’s headdress is made of hair, it’s not made of Jaden Smith’s hair. We know this, because he BROUGHT HIS HAIR as his date. I’m not making a joke about him having a date with giant hair or something. I’m being 100% literal. (Also, when will this child stop making this face in pictures? I really want to know how many insects have flown into his open mouth over the years.) - (Dlisted)

This coming Saturday is the 16th Annual Free Comic Book Day and here’s a handy list of some titles you should be looking for. - (CBR)

This is the coolest damn thing I’ve seen in a long time. This man builds giants out of reclaimed/recycled wood and then hides them around his hometown in the wilderness of Copenhagen. HOW COOL IS THAT? - (Bored Panda)

We’re not going to devote an entire post to the teaser for the trailer for ‘The Dark Tower,’ but a 15-second teaser seems appropriate for Pajiba Love.

You know how we know Rihanna is good, smart people? When an alien-life form who goes under the Earth name of Eddie Redmayne showed up at her MET Gala after-party, she had enough sense to turn him away. (The Daily Mail)

Every year, Melina cries at the end of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, much to the chagrin of her students. She hopes her students leave the discussion knowing that the monster was beautiful on the inside, and that Victor Frankenstein was a real dick. Have you read this classic novel? (Cannonball Read 9)

Man, the White House Press Corp was super bummed today when Sean Spicer walked out of the press briefing room without taking questions. You know, his inner monologue was all, “Fuck you, Jonathan Karl! That’ll teach you to humiliate me in front of my daytime soap opera fans.

Building off of Kristy’s Riverdale theory last week, Dustin draws essentially the same conclusion about Jason Blossom’s killer. (Uproxx)

I don’t know much about his footballing abilities, that’s more of a Lord Castleton specialty, but Colin Kaepernick does seem like he practices what he preaches and he sure seems to have his head on straight.

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