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Frosting Covered Images From Paul Rudd's New Film Will Give You Diabetes Of The Heart

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | January 17, 2012 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | January 17, 2012 |

Get excited, my girlish gunslingers and manly meth cookers, Season Three of “Justified” premieres tonight. If you aren’t already in love with this show, well, then, you’re not watching this show. Here’s a sweet interview with lead actor and co-producer Timothy Olyphant on his role, Elmore Leonard (read “Raylan,” it’s great) and Pajiba fav Carla Gugino. (Vulture)

Oh, and in the meantime, I’ll just leave this here.

Speaking of adorable actors, here’s the first image from Paul Rudd’s This Is 40. Well, technically, there was an earlier photo of Megan Fox in the pool, but I’m a lady with ladyparts, so my preference is for the sugar shock. (FilmDrunk)

Speaking of Megan Fox (I mistyped her name “Mega Fox” twice now, my brain is trying to interfere) and shock, looks like ol’ Megs is in the running for the Liz Taylor biopic. It’s between her, Lindsay Lohan, and gouging my own eyes out. One of the three. (Celebitchy)

Ah ha! Speaking of eye torture. Check out Malcolm McDowell and Stanley Kubrick palling around on the set of A Clockwork Orange during a pivotal scene. (This Is Not Porn)

Hey kids, is your heart TOO healthy? Your arteries TOO unclogged? Then have I got a treat for you. Double fried Popeye’s Chicken. Word on the street is that it’s the sh*znit. (Serious Eats)

Just in case you missed the hundred or so commercials for it during The Golden Globes, NBC has a new “Glee”-esque show called “Smash.” Listen “Glee”-esque is enough to send me running for the hills, but, well, Angelica Huston! Come on! You can watch the first episode for free. Right here! Go forth! (iTunes)

Speaking of commercials, M&Ms will be releasing a new spokescandypersonthing. And, oooo, itth’s a lady. The Brown M&M will be debuting in an all new campaign. Word is she’s a little less slutty than Green. (Jezebel)

Speaking of sexy brown things, Beyonce has a new campaign for L’oreal where she is, um, distinctly NOT brown. (Gothamist)

I’ve got two poster porn links for you today. One is for both Tron films and, truth be told, these posters are better than the movies themselves. (/Film) Secondly, these posters for Star Wars, Back to The Future, etc. are minimalist fun. (GeekTyrant)

And while we’re on the subject of cult film art, check out these surprisingly adorable clay version of badass film and TV characters. I want to snuggle that little Walter White. (BadAss Digest)

And, finally, here’s an xkcd comic which saps all the badass out of Gotham’s caped crusader. (XKCD)

Speaking of crusades. Colbert and Stewart are on a mission to bring their lampoon of the political system/electoral process to all new heights. Let Jon and Mario Batali treat you to a proper skewering.

And when you’re done laughing. Here’s something to make you cower and shiver in your cube. The ultimate Horror film supercut. Enjoy. Or cry. Either way.

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