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Fox News, Unhinged: 'What's Happening Right Now Is a Coup Against the Wealthy'

By Ursula Scully | Pajiba Love | July 13, 2017 |

By Ursula Scully | Pajiba Love | July 13, 2017 |

We couldn’t quite decide which headline to go with tonight, because there are so many (and trust that many will be in the Morning Briefing), but we’ll go with the laughable Jesse Watters, who claims that the Trump family has done more for America than any Democrat ever, and that what is going on now is a ‘coup against the wealthy.”

It should also be noted that, in the last two days, Watters has insisted that Trump’s wall be paid for by cutting food stamps and that Trump Jr. is a “victim.” God, I hope he ends up homeless one day.

Hey look! It has been exactly weeks days hours minutes since the President acted like a complete pig. USA! USA! He ogled the wife of the French President in front of his own wife. Good God!(Reuters)

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You guys. QEII let Kate out of the house in great shoes AND a dark pedicure. My heavens what in the world, I do declare. (GFY)

Did you know that early medieval Christians nicknamed the Son of God as “The Lord of Light”? Here are 8 historical origins that George RR Martin might have used for Game of Thrones. (Book Riot)

Ahhhhhh, romance. Candlelit dinners. Flowers sent via courier. Hiring a private investigator to follow your boo around to make sure they’re on the up and up. Totally normal. (Dlisted)

This was a massive undertaking, and definitely deserves to be seen: The 100 Greatest Props in Movie History, and the Stories Behind Them. (Thrillist)

Listen. Besides every four years for the World Cup, I don’t pay attention to sports, okay? It’s just not something I usually enjoy. But this right here? This is totally my jam: “A) women are people too and B) women play tennis and C) American women have been carrying American tennis for years.” *clapping hands emoji* (Celebitchy)

I know this was covered within a post yesterday but just in case you missed it, here is the first look at A Wrinkle In Time with THE BEST CHRIS, DON’T EVEN START, I WILL FIGHT YOU. (EW)

I work in an office with over 150 people, so when I say that I’ve seen some shit, I’ve seen some shit. People clipping their nails? Check. People chewing with their mouths open? Check. People who do not know how to properly use a knife and fork? Check. My grandma would be appalled. I like this advice, which has been properly updated for the 21st century. (Lamebook)

Here are two people named Gigi & Zayn on the cover of Vogue. I do not know who they are or what they do, but I do know that Cher Horowitz would love the outfit on the cover, and oops, my olds is showing. (Lainey Gossip)

Between the truck full of eels that overturned and spilled its squiggly contents onto the road (here), the giant iceberg that broke off in Antarctica (here), and the untreatable super gonorrhea (here), I say we just pack it up and call humanity a giant mistake. Better luck to the next species. Cheers.

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Oz is an enormous, sprawling world of books written by many authors over the last hundred or so years. Lipton read the original L. Frank Baum series as a child many times. To reignite her book reviewing, she re-read the first three books with an eye towards how her perceptions have changed. She found she can separate The Wizard of Oz from the movie. The Marvelous Land of Oz was much better than she remembered. Her favorite was always Ozma of Oz, "it’s the Empire Strikes Back of the Oz series." Do you have a favorite Oz book? (Cannonball Read 9)

Ursula lives in Chicago and likes potatoes very much. You can follow her here.

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Ursula is a Staff Contributor for Pajiba. You can follow her on Twitter.