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'Fox & Friends' Unironically Claims 'No Equivalency' For Missing Male Wonder Woman

By Agent Bedhead | Pajiba Love | September 22, 2014 |

By Agent Bedhead | Pajiba Love | September 22, 2014 |

Remember the Punk’d episode where Justin Timberlake thought the IRS was “repossessing” his home and belongings? He called his mommy and cried about his guitar. Dax Shepard reveals how JT tried to go badass after the cameras stopped rolling. (WG)

Michael Sheen may date way out of his league, but his latest lady has no interest in marriage. Sarah Silverman lays down the law. (INO)

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt took the family bowling in Malta, and not one of the kids was embarrassed by Brad’s ridiculous hat. (Lainey)

You may have heard about Ariana Grande’s image problem. She reportedly refuses to be photographed on the right side and tells fans to “f—-ing die”. Her life coach has quit the scene. I’ll tell you the problem: Ariana shares the same manager as Bratty Bieber. (DListed)

Kate Hudson says, “Me and my mom Goldie Hawn can see dead people.” She then provides some guidelines on what people should do when they see a ghost. And dead people are funny or something. (CB)

Jamie King wears this dress well, but I wish she’d kept her modeling name from the 1990s: James King. James King would wear this dress even better. (GFY)

The Maze Runner sequel, The Scorch Trials, just got a release date. I imagine it will barely resemble the book in spirit or content. (Slashfilm)

A hopeful reality star and “massage therapist” named Jasmine Tridevil (ha!) shelled out $20,000 to buy herself a third boob. Why? She wants to make herself “unattractive to men.” Why yes, there’s a photo. (Uproxx)

Fox & Friends decided to be relevant and discuss comic book culture. They’re really “sad” about the “wussification” of Popeye, y’all. Then one of the anchors says this: “There’s no equivalency in the male world of Wonder Woman!” This video clip is comical. (TMS)

The media is making noises about Hope Solo in relation to the NFL domestic violence issue. Hope awaits trial on her own DV charges, yet US Soccer has no issue with her continuing her goalkeeper duties. (NYT)

This DV story of a woman and her “quiet, soft-spoken, and charming” abuser is chilling. Even more disturbing is how bystanders never stopped to help this woman, who was being beaten in full street view. (Gawker)

“Tribute art” vs. “fan art” and how they relate to Sons of Anarchy. (Unreality)

If you’ve ever questioned whether or not the Olsen twins eat food — instead of subsisting upon sunshine and alien vibes — this GIF has the proof you need. (Us)

The Battle of Marathon is a fascinating — if not entirely truthful — bit of military history. (MF)

It’s no secret that Rainbow Rowell is the “author girlfriend” of many a Cannonballer. A hugely popular author on the Cannonball Read website, Rowell’s books usually get glowing reviews, and Caitlin_G’s review of Attachments is no exception. Have you read anything by Rainbow Rowell? (Cannonball Read 6)

Speaking of the Cannonball Read, just a quick shout out to mswas, who has been running the CBR in her second year now. It’s her birthday today, and she’s doing God’s work over there!

Zoe Saldana indulged her pregnant pole-dancing urges on this weekend at Dulles airport. Her Italian artist husband, Marco Perego, had some fun as well.

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