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First Look At DiCaprio As Jay Gatsby, The Puffy Faced, Greasy Haired Epitome Of The American Dream

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | August 26, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | August 26, 2011 |

Listen fellas, ladies, are you voting for our gorgeous “Mad Men” casting contestants Skyler Durden and Tammy? If you don’t vote for them I’m going to make you read this. (Don’t read this.) It’s a Korean (?) comic. (No, seriously, don’t read it.) But you don’t have to be able to understand the language to appreciate its beauty. (Seriously, do NOT click on this link. And, also, f*ck Candee for sending it to me.) So, yeah. (Naver)

Speaking of things that make you go “f*cknoh*llnomakeitstopaaaahhhh,” TK wants you to read Clive Barker’s response to that (and I quote) “wretched fucking rancid trough of pig vomit that is the trailer for Hellraiser: Revelations.” That was TK, not Barker, in case you couldn’t distinguish their writing styles. (Blastr)

You know, I’ve never seen Hellraiser, but I’m now seriously considering making a Pinhead Jack-O-Lantern. That’s been done, yeah? Hmm, while I think of an original idea, check out these intricately carved gourds Resa sent me. (Inhabitat)

Everything’s coming up Muppet this year, so maybe a series of Muppet-O-Lanterns? Speaking of The Felted Wonders, OPI is releasing a series of Muppet themed nail polishes. That’s an…interesting way to promote a film, I guess. The green color is called “The Fresh Frog Of Bel Air.” SOMEBODY MAKE THAT VIDEO IMMEDIATELY. (Bella Sugar)

Speaking of films I’m eagerly anticipating (but for different reasons), here are the first blurry snaps from the set of Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby. While you can clearly see the car they’ll be using, DiCaprio and Maguire are out of focus and in street clothes. But here’s what I can glean, DiCaprio looks slim, tan and suitably golden-haired. In fact, he’s looking like he did back in the day when he was capable of cracking my heart wide open. So, you know, I’m coming around to the idea that this mightn’t be a total disaster. (Coming Soon)

Listen you comic book nerds have been drooling over every fuzzy shot of the Batmobile, allow me my literary uncoolness. We all have something we’re uncool about. Except, ironically, Cameron Crowe, who released a list of guilty pleasure movies that are, with the exception of Elvis, rather highbrow. Where is your Troop Beverly Hills, Crowe? WHERE? (The Uncool)

In more topical movie list news, here are some Climate Disaster movies to help you East Coasters prepare for Hurricane Irene. (No, not you New Yorkers, as mswas let me know, you’ve got your own special way of preparing.) No Twister here, no, but plenty of The Perfect Storm, one of my favorite sausagefest movies of all time. (Movies)

Speaking of meat, did you know there’s a third Wahlberg brother? Paul? Who’s a chef? Did you know he and Donnie and Marky Mark are opening up a restaurant called “Wahlburgers?” My life is complete now. (US Magazine)

I’m going to do this real quick so as not to disturb the “Doctor Who” haters. DIDYOUKNOWTHENEWSEASONSTARTSONSATURDAY? TheOtherGreg sent me this adorable interview with Matt Smith about plot twists. (Spoilers, sweeties.) But I think my favorite Who link today is this collection of Who-related Etsy projects. I want that stained glass TARDIS. A lot. (Newsarama)

OKAY IT’S OVER. Have you seen this tumblr devoted to TV’s non-time traveling masterwork, “The Wire”? Check out the second post. For tears and giggles. (Wire Inspire)

P.S. Jenny McCarthy? Vaccines don’t cause autism. SCIENCE SAYS SO. So, you know, suck it. (NPR)

While we’re on the subject of science, Bierce Ambrose sent me this fascinating article on the the robots who are helping to clean the Fukushima Nuclear Plant. No one told me they looked so much like Wall-E. Saaad. (Spectrum)

Are you into videos of Joseph Gordon-Levitt dousing himself in water and then singing Nirvana? Well, you’re in luck, because here’s a video of Joseph Gordon-Levitt dousing himself in water and then singing Nirvana. Personally, I think she should stick to showtunes but I appreciate that he was trying to honor Seattle.

Finally, another treat from Bierce Ambrose, it’s a visual depiction of America’s Western Expansion through the cunning use of flags post offices. It’s sort of extraordinary and makes Manifest Destiny look like a particularly pernicious mildew stain.

Joanna Robinson hopes everyone is safe. All of you. She’ll kick Irene in the eye if any of you get hurt.

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