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Finally, Britney Will Get to Speak for Herself

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | April 28, 2021 |

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | April 28, 2021 |


Anderson Cooper’s baby boy is so freakin’ cute! And he’s already a year old. What even is time anymore? - (Lainey)

Finally, Britney will get to actually speak for herself. - (Celebitchy)

I’ve mentioned here before that after 25 years of dyeing my hair, I finally stopped about 4 years ago and let my hair grow in completely gray. It was A PROCESS, let me tell you! I’m happy I did it, but it took some willpower, for sure. During the pandemic, it seemed like a great time for a lot of women to also stop dyeing their grays, since they weren’t going anywhere anyway. I absolutely love seeing their stories and thought some of you might enjoy it also. - (Bored Panda)

Some women stop dyeing their hair during COVID and some have lockdown babies! - (Dlisted)

A white (former) city councilman just could not manage to properly address a Black female professor even after repeated reminders of her title. - (Blavity)

“How Extremists Weaponize Irony To Spread Hate.” Someone should shoot these racist shitbags in their nutsacks. OH, JUST KIDDING! - (NPR)

I guess the racist neighbor(s) in Sacramento is so threatened by the Black Lives Matter signs in yards that they have to go stab tires to feel like a bigger man. (I’m sorry, I’m just assuming it’s a man.) - (The Root)

@JebusHChrist shared this with us on Twitter and I have no words. I’m just thankful my neighbors and I get along. - (Fox2Detroit)

The lawyers for Capitol rioter, Richard Barnett, who left a note on Nancy Pelosi’s desk— the same desk on which he propped his feet — claim that he didn’t write “Nancy, Bigo was here you bitch.” What he really wrote was “Nancy, Bigo was here you BIATCH,” a slang term of endearment, Uh-huh, sure. He probs also totes texts her, “Hey, girl, hey!” - (TMS)

We already knew Wayne LaPierre, the head of the NRA was a trash human, but evidently, he’s also a lousy shot. - (New Yorker)

Speaking of Garbage, but the good kind, Shirley Manson and the guys are back with an upcoming new album. Here’s a taste with their single “No Gods No Masters.”

The movie, The Commitments has a special place in Jormis’ life; and after many rewatches he decided to read Roddy Doyle’s book. While he still likes the movie better, the book "is a fast-paced, dialogue-filled novel, which consists of a lot of ONOMATOPOETIC depictions of BEATS and RIFFS and VOCALS." Is there a book that’s meaningful to you because of the setting? (Cannonball Read 13)

'Cruel Summer' Recap: Mirror Mirror on the Basement Wall | Maybe Joe Biden Is Just a Good Person?

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