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Finally, A Pajiba Love Header Photo That Attempts To Cater To Everyone All At Once. How'd We Do?

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | April 12, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | April 12, 2011 |

Ah, my saavy surfers, when crafting my daily Love letters to you, there are some internet memes I just skip right past because I’m certain you’ve already seen, smirked and moved on. Such was the case with Hipster Ariel. HOWEVER, this little slice of meme cosplay is worth a link. Hipster Ariel IRL. (Epic Ponyz)

IRL means “in real life” you guys, just in case you didn’t know. I didn’t know before I landed this gig and started trolling the sometimes skanky shores of Reddit. TIL (today I learned) that GUI means Graphic User Interface. Here’s a collection of film’s most recognizable GUIs. ))<>(( Back and forth forever! (Access Main Computer File)

Who uses emoticons to flirt, anyway? It’s all about these 52 non-verbal signals. I assure you #3 (solitary dance) is not in my arsenal (love is a battlefield). Why do the White Girl’s Overbite, when a firm #43 gets the job done every time? (e-Seduce)

I’d use every move in my arsenal of flirting if it would get me anywhere with the devastatingly gay NPH and the devastatingly straight Christina Hendricks. They’ve been appearing together onstage in one of my favorite musicals (Sondheim’s “Company”) alongside Stephen Colbert, Martha Plimpton and Charlie Sheen casualty, Jon Cryer. The show will be broadcast in movie theaters nationwide sometime in June. (Just Jared)

If you want Real Flirting Tips From The Hopelessly Helpless, I find the careful application of perfume to be exceedingly helpful. Not a bog of eternal stench situation, because a little bit goes a long way. My current fav is Alice from the very badass Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. Even if you’re not into perfume, you should check out the site because they’ve named many of their lines for literary characters. Oh yeah, there’s a whole Neil Gaiman section. Who doesn’t want to smell like “Mad Sweeney?” (Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab)

In exciting book news, a new Dr. Seuss collection will be released this year. A new Seuss and a new Silverstein in the same year? Bless my stars upon thars! (Publisher’s Weekly)

In less whimsical literary news, here are nine books that really oughtn’t insult you in the title. (Some E-cards)

On the other hand, James Dyson, the hugely successful vacuum inventor (seriously, my little windmill tilters, he was knighted for inventing a vacuum), wrote an interesting essay in praise of failure. (Wired)

On theme of failure, it always breaks my heart when an artist dies before he or she has a chance to see success. (Van Gogh, John Keats, Nick Drake, etc.) In the case of Jeff Buckley, on the other hand, I can’t help but think it’s a bit of a mercy that he never lived to see all the meaning battered and wrung out of his “Hallelujah” cover. You know you’ve lost all cred when you’ve made it onto “The O.C.” soundtrack. Speaking of Jeff, he’ll be getting the biopic treatment, and while I appreciate Celebitchy’s preferred casting, I think we all know James Franco has this one in the bag. (Celebitchy)

If you have a Twitter and choose to play around with this website, please please please, for the love of cod, post your result. Who doesn’t love cod? (Yes That Can Be My Next Tweet)

The Edgar Wright soupiness of this Shaun of the Dead done in the style of Scott Pilgrim appealed to the pop culture vulture in me.

And we end today’s Love with two shortie short videos. First is this adorable pint-sized Jedi who knows when to fold ‘em, walk away and maybe even run.

And, lastly, this astonishing gymnastics video. I didn’t catch this young man’s name, but the site I nabbed it from called him Spider-man. I think that’s fairly accurate.

Joanna Robinson was asked, quite nicely, to defend her love of typography in yesterday’s comments section. What can she say, she loves the things she loves. You can call her on that cop out via Email or the Twitters.

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