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Felicia Day Is A Genuinely Hot Nerd Chick, Accept No Olivias. I Mean Substitutes, Accept No Substitutes.

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | February 15, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | February 15, 2011 |

Afternoon my dearest hooch hounds and dreamy-eyed dandies. I have the most delightful treat for you today. It’s an NES Great Gatsby Game. We’re talking 8-bit NES, my loves. I haven’t made it past Level One (Location: Party at Gatsby’s; Objective: Find Nick Carraway) but I can’t wait for Level Five (Location: Gastby’s Closet, Objective: Throw ALL the Silk Shirts In The Air). So go on, 23 Skidoo, start playing, I’ll get the bathtub gin a-brewing. (Great Gatsby Game)

Speaking of bathtubs, this insanely great photography project has adult subjects recreating their iconic childhood photographs. Most are great but the brothers in the bathtub is a little icky and be on the look out for a mildy NSFW, wildly unsexy boob. It’s about halfway down the page. (Irina Werning)

In other unsexy and icky news, the informant who convinced the White House that Iraq had a secret biological weapons program admits he lied in order to take down Saddam Hussein. So. . .no WMDs then? Color me wholly unsurprised. (Guardian)

You want more ickiness? In 1966, after a brief encounter with a flight attendant, Marlon Brando wrote her this strangely detailed and creepily specific pick-up letter, which gives me the impression that maybe Brando was a little sad in the heart. (FilmDrunk)

Valentine’s Day has passed, and hooray! Now we don’t have to think about romance again for another 364 days. To get you started, here are 10 Sadly Unromantic Films of 2010. (Spout)

In more encouraging Middle Eastern regime-change news, Iranian citizens held a large-scale protest yesterday in the hopes of affecting change in their government. I’m really loving this groundswell of dissent. (Washington Post)

Listen, here my sweet cinephiles, much of the Criterion Collection will soon be available on Hulu Plus (the Hulu service you have to pay for). I am, truthfully, really irritated with this Hulu Plus gambit and when they were dangling new episodes of “House,” I could ignore them. But…but Godard and Kurasowa?!?! You bastards! (Criterion)

Radiohead’s new album “The King of Limbs” is available for pre-order today and downloadable on Saturday. GETTIT! (The King of Limbs)

So here’s a charming article from a young female college student on the 13 Easy Ways to Score Free Drinks Whilst Simultaneously Coming Off As a Completely Wretched Human Being and (bonus!) Undermining Your Entire Gender. That might not be the correct title, my vision was a little rage-blurry when I was reading it. (Her Campus)

Bimbo palate-cleanser! The lovely Ms. Felicia Day talks about her new web series that is, quite possibly, even geekier than “The Guild.” Also? Her character wears elf ears and scanty armor. Ok this might not be entirely bimbo-free but I still love her. (USA Today)

Ah, my sauerkrauts and sweet strudels, speaking of scanty, my favorite slice of German Cheesecake, Ms. Diane Kruger, strips off for the German “GQ.” I must confess, I am a tad disappointed with Evil Beet for calling Joshua Jackson (RIP) “the less-famous dude from ‘Dawson’s Creek.’” ARE YOU KIDDING? IT’S PACEY! WHAT ALTERNATIVE REALITY ARE YOU LIVING IN? (That’s my attempt at a “Fringe” joke without having ever seen “Fringe.”) Fairly safe for work, despite der ample Arsch. (Evil Beet)

And in my final (I promise Mrs. Julien) sex-related link, that bastion of sci-fi skankery, “Torchwood” is available on the cheap at Amazon. I’s unfair to call it all skankery, “Children of Earth” was fairly skank-free, and more the better for it, I think. (Amazon)

If you’re tracking how the IBM super computer “Watson” is doing on “Jeopardy” this week, here’s a recap of last night’s game. My favorite part? Trebek totally hates that computer.

I promise I wasn’t high when I watched this. I promise. But all I can think of to describe it is, “Ooooohhh cool shapes and sounds.”

LOSTiNSOUND by ONSOMBiL from Edward Saltau on Vimeo.

Joanna Robinson wants to thank all the sweet little cupids who sent her virtual Valentines yesterday. Yours in particular was my favorite. You know who you are. Mails: [email protected] or Twitters: @quityourJRob

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