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Fassbender Talks Sex Addiction, The Rest Of Us Try To Keep It Together.

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | September 7, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | September 7, 2011 |

Oh, Pajiba readers and commenters, I love you. I really do. But I never love you so much as when I visit other sites and see what their commenters have to say. And then I laugh. And mine is a pitying laugh. Read Dustin’s most recent contribution over at Uproxx (The 5 Most Awesomely Mediocre Films Of The Summer) and then prepare to have your gob smacked in the comments section. (Uproxx)

Speaking of buckets of boiling clown c*m (SERIOUSLY?!), I’m not much of a porn person, but I have to agree with Vince over at FilmDrunk, this is indeed the best porn parody title I’ve ever seen. Don’t read the plot summary, though, it’ll ruin your breakfast. (FilmDrunk)

Speaking of breakfast, did you know you can roast your own coffee in an air popper? I did not know this! (Craft)

I have, however, known for months about this Fassbender sex addiction movie (Shame), and I haven’t talked about it until now. I know, I know, your astonished by my restraint and forbearance. Me too. Anyway, Fassbender is at the Venice Film Festival right now promoting both Shame (sex!) and A Dangerous Method (spanking!), so it’s perfectly reasonable for me to link to this video of him talking about sex and his acting method. The man needs to make a movie about a fully-clothed accountant who does nothing but professional bookkeeping and recreational stamp collecting. Give my poor heart a break. (Indiewire)

My poor heart was delighted by this photo of Bruce Campbell in a kilt. No, I don’t know why he’s in a kilt but since his name is essentially Hamish MacHaggis, I’m not all that surprised. (Nerdcore)

When I was growing up, Bruce Campbell’s Ash was one of my favorite action heroes. Second only, I think, to Indiana Jones himself. Here is an adorable photo of some fans dressed as Indy for the premiere of Temple of Doom in 1984. Ah, simpler times. When Shia LaBeouf wasn’t even a greasy, smarmy twinkle in his mother’s eye. (Hero Complex)

Lucas fans are famously fond of dressing up. Check out this great story and pictorial of the first ever Star Wars day at AT&T Park in San Francisco. The first person to send me that “Fear the Beard” Obi-Wan/Brian Wilson t-shirt gets some Wookiee. (Wired)

But, you know, all the space operas on the world can’t hold a candle to real live astronomy. This photo of Saturn is stunning. (APOD)

And, well, frankly I’m stunned by this “Deep Fried” food contest that is part of the State Fair of Texas Big Tex Choice Awards. The “big” must be in reference to their enlarged hearts because the winner was “buffalo chicken strip coated with flapjack batter, rolled in jalapeno bread crumbs and deep fried. It was skewered and served with a side of syrup.” Seriously? That sounds like an SNL sketch. There were also something called “deep fried bubblegum.” You can read the entire list of horrors here. (Star Telegram)

(Pinko commie left wing link alert!) And while we Americans gorge ourselves on deep fried despair, or whatever, there are literally children starving in Africa. “The Senate Appropriations Committee is going to vote on the Agriculture Appropriations Bill which the House of Representatives passed in June, and which cuts emergency food funds by 75% from their 2008 levels. 13 million people are affected by the current famine in the Horn of Africa, and House Republicans voted to provide less aid.” Follow the link to find contact information for your senator currently serving on the Committee. You know, if you want to. (ABL)

And while we’re talking global crises, check out this impressive video of “Anthropocene Mapping.” It’s an amazing visualization of the very large footprint we’ve already left on the planet.

Anthropocene Mapping 1.2 from Globaïa on Vimeo.

Joanna Robinson wonders what’s your favorite Deep Fried Weird? Twinkie? Mars bar? Cheese curds? Let her know via Email or Twitter.

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