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Ewan McGregor Will No Longer Get Naked On-Screen. My Force Is Greatly Disturbed.

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | March 21, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | March 21, 2011 |

Happy Monday, my celestial bodies. Did you watch the Supah Moon on Saturday? If you missed it because it was overcast or you were inside or you were celebrating St. Patrick’s Day 2: Whiskey Boogaloo, Buzzfeed has a some nice snaps of the Supah Moon from around the world. (Buzz Feed)

Reader Cheryl knows me VERY well and sent me this lovely word cloud of books you really ought to (why haven’t you, have you been watching TV this WHOLE time?) read. The title choices are based on several “Top” lists and I must say I agree with their #1. (Chicago Sun Times)

So that Emu-faced lad and that lemon-faced lady have called it quits. Because he’s gay? Because he cheated on her? Because of the Emu thing? Who’s to say. (Evil Beet)

Check out these fantastic fake Smithsonian posters proving the badassery of certain historical figures. (Behance)

Also badass are these photos from the set of the Hobbit. I like that even though Peter Jackson is much slenderer now, he is still thoroughly rumpled. I like my directors rumpled and preferably be-hatted. (io9)

Did I just suck all the meaning out of the word “badass” by applying it to Tolkein? How about if I apply it to this dorky 16-year-old with the voice of a Rat Packer. I don’t think this chap would be getting so much attention if we, the internetters, couldn’t compare him to the trainwreck that was/is Rebecca Black. But, seriously, this kid is good and it’s nice to see actual talent getting recognition. (Urlesque)

Speaking of talent, the LA-based grass roots musical “The Spidey Project” is now available online in its entirety. The play was produced in response to Julie Taymor’s overblown disaster. The sets are cardboard the songs are only okay but the jokes are pretty cute. (The Mary Sue)

Flavorwire has an article called “Your Favorite Musicians’ Favorite Musicians” and though they play a little fast and loose with that “Your Favorite” phrasing, I was interested to learn that Lady Gaga is deeply into Iron Maiden. (Flavorwire)

One of my favorite books when I was younger was make-up artist Kevyn Aucoin’s “Making Faces” which was both a make-up how-to and a lesson in the transformative power of make-up in film iconography. My favorite part to flip through was the section where he used make-up to turn contemporary stars into older screen legends. You can see Isabella Rossellinii as Barbra Streisand here. The Film Experience has a neat article on stars posing as other stars, including a sort of embarrassing round-up of women posing as Marylin Monroe. Oh, Lindsay. (The Film Experience)

Another cherished memory from my youth is Ewan McGregor’s bare bum. Apparently he’s through with film nudity and his reasoning for staying clothed (as well as his reason for getting naked in the first place) is rather feminist. Dreamy. (Celebitchy)

The lovely badkittyuno sent me this great montage of characters saying the title of the film they’re in. Whenever this happens, I lean over to my friends and whisper, in my best Ron Howard, “Hey! That’s the name of this show!” Yes I am that asshole who sometimes whispers in the movie theater. Go ahead, hit me with your best shot but be warned, I’ve got Sour Patch Kids and I will return fire.

I know I have a “no cute animal videos” policy, but I had never seen red pandas before…so it’s more like science…cute, cavorting science.

Joanna Robinson lied, she usually has Red Vines, but they’re too floppy and unaerodynamic to be threatening. Let her know your preferred candy to fling here: [email protected] or follow her @quityourJRob

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