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Everyone Knows all the Stereotypes About Gingers Are Untrue, Except for the Fact that They Have No Souls

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | June 20, 2012 |

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | June 20, 2012 |

Have you ever seen the massive undertaking that McDonald’s takes on to make their hamburgers look presentable for commercials. Now you have. (Buzzfeed)

Ray Romano will be joining “Parenthood” next season for a guest arc, which sounds awful if all you know Romano from is “Everyone Loves Raymond.” However, if you’ve seen him on the underappreciated but brilliant “Men of a Certain Age,” you’ll understand why his sensibility is perfect for “Parenthood.” (The AV Club)

Paul Verhoeven is making a movie about Jesus in which he presupposes that all the stuff about Jesus that makes Jesus Jesus didn’t actually happen except for the stuff about Jesus being a totally decent dude. Note, however, that Verhoeven also directed Showgirls and adjust expectations accordingly. (The Playlist)

The fellas over in the WarmingGlow comments are YELLING at me A LOT today because I dismissed the opinion of a former “Dancing with the Stars” and “Celebrity Apprentice” contestant who claimed that men are funnier that women, another reminder to me to KNOW MY AUDIENCE. (WG)

Brian Byrd was dead on in his assessment of this: “Jim Carrey leaves the only movie people have wanted him to make in 10 years.” (Slashfilm)

Over on Unreality, they took a look at Ed Norton’s split-personality disorder when it comes to his choosing of movie projects. HULK. smoochy. 25TH HOUR. stone. Yeah. That guys’ career makes no fucking sense. (Unreality)

On my 5 Upcoming Remakes that May Fart in My General Direction post yesterday I nearly included Dredd because I have a guilty fondness for Karl Urban. But then again, the reason I love Karl Urban is that he manages to transcend his terrible fucking movies. Here’s the first tiny clip from Dredd. NEGOTIATIONS OVER. (The Daily Blam)

Over on Slate, they’re complaining because Brave — a rare animated film with a female hero — is perpetuating stereotypes about gingers. OH COME ON. (Slate)

Speaking of redheads, Christina Hendricks opines about her “Mad Men” character in the THR print edition this month, a link I’m including to justify use of the elegant header photo. (THR)

Speaking of Hendricks, here’s a picture I found of her from the 90s, which just goes to show you that the 90s could make anyone look bad.


Just when you thought you couldn’t love Benedict Cumberbatch any more, you saw him catwalk on a runway in a bathrobe. Man: There’s going to be a fierce competition between Hiddleseton, Fassbender, and Cumberbatch for most adorable Brit in this year’s Pajiba 10. (Celebitchy)

Landon Palmer offers three reasons why this movie is the greatest anti-war film of all time. DO YOU DARE DISAGREE? (FSR)

Eric D. Snider — a grown-ass man — eulogizes a chair that he’s had since college that he recently had to dispose of. Our own Seth Freilich — also a grown-ass man — recently gave up a couch that we pulled off the streets in Allston 12 years ago that smelled like beer and day-old sex which we then spent three years spilling beer and having sex on. Being single means never having to give up your smelly furniture. (Snide Remarks)

Hey! Wine connisseurs! You’re all full of shit. (DaveChen)

Steven Seagal has denied ever pooping his pants, and as we all know, denials are what give a story its life. (FD)

Not to be outdone by Shia LaBeouf’s music-video debut, Daniel Radcliffe stars in this video for a band called Slow Club. I was prepared to despise it, but hell if it didn’t win me over. (Evil Beet)

Y’all hear about this? Hearing Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” woke a 7-year-old up from a coma. Unfortunately, the next track — from Bon Iver — put her right back in it. (Socialite’s Life)

The political attack ads for “Game of Thrones” have arrived, and finally, someone is asking where is King Joffrey’s birth certificate? (Mother Jones)

Friend of the site, Matt Patches, has inspired an Emma Stone GIFolution. Here’s her 10 best. (Uproxx)

You’ve seen Angelina Jolie’s slick Maleficent photo, but here’s what she looks like on the set of the movie. HINT: Silly as hell. (The Superficial)

The supercut hasn’t been the same since Harry Hanrahan went into hiding, but this one is the best I’ve seen in a long time: The Pre-Morem One-Liner (thanks Jared.)

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