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Every Day And In Every Way, I'm Convinced It Should Have Been Called X-Men: Brokeback Mutant

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | August 25, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | August 25, 2011 |

So, first things first, poppets, throw your daily votes at our lovely “Mad Men” casting contestants Skyler Durden and Tammy, okay? Okay! Speaking of the luscious lushes of Sterling, Draper, Cooper and Pryce, there’s a movement afoot to make smoking on film an R-rated offense. Listen, I’m from California. We hate smoking unless it’s the marijuanica, and even I think this is poppyc*ck. (GOOD)

We here in the SF Bay Area do love our gays, though, and a deleted scene from X-Men: First Class Ass with Magneto in drag has just come to light that ratchets the homoerotic tension between Fassbender and McAvoy up to eleven. I’m not making gay jokes for the sake of gay jokes, I seriously think we, the moviegoing public, were duped into seeing a gay rights film. And I am more than okay with it. Heterosexuality was never an option. (FilmDrunk)

Speaking of superclose friendships, here’s a cute list of TV characters who would be best friends in real life. STOP. You had me at Ron Swanson and Coach Taylor. (Flavorwire)

I’d like to be best friends with either Michelle Obama or my favorite political blogger, the Angry Black Lady. Here ABL defends the First Lady against the outrageous Daily Mail who called her out on her drinking, vacationing and shopping habits. (Angry Black Lady)

I hate blatant, politically motivated slander as much as I loooooooooooove puns. Nerdy science puns no less! Oh, my little Pajiba dentatas, you’re just going to have to grit your teeth and bear it, here are the punniest scientific names. Lalapa lusa! (io9)

I wanted to be a scientist when I was younger, until I discovered it wasn’t all pretty drawings and butterfly nets. Speaking of drawings, check out these phenomenal line drawings of famous faces. Incredible. (The Chive)

While we’re on the subject of art, FSR has a great article on the ways in which Steve Jobs (who announced his retirement yesterday) has contributed to the art of filmmaking. Pixar, anyone? (Film School Rejects)

Speaking of Apple, the aptly named space oddity sent me this article about how Samsung is trying to break Apple’s patent on the iPad design claiming Stanley Kubrick used it first in 2001: A Space Odyssey . You know what, they ain’t wrong. (Talking Points Memo)

While we’re talking Kubrick, my new favorite obsession, the cinemagraph has gotten the Kubrick treatment. Here are 30 amazing and somewhat blood-chilling images. Don’t blink, Alex. Don’t even blink. (Film Maker IQ)?

And speaking of photographic trends, I’m sick and tired of reading about “________ is the new planking.” That being said, um, “Stocking,” where you replicate a stock photo? That’s kind of cute. I know, I’m fickle. (Stocking Is The New Planking)

On a more serious note, check out this fascinating series featuring children from around the world and their bedrooms. Thanks, jamiepants. (Where Children Sleep)

Finally, I leave you with a video from superasente. The muppets do Pulp Fiction. Ah, Miss Piggy Wallace, no we’re talkin’ about one charming motherf*cking pig.

Joanna Robinson’s inbox runneth over with people alerting her to Fassbender in drag. Y’all are the best. Cheers.