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Even The Nation's Most Beloved Gay Man Is Impressed By Christina Hendricks And Her, Um, Very Particular Set Of Skills

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | May 31, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | May 31, 2011 |

How was your holiday weekend, my little charcoal briquettes? Did you get your burger/sausage/steak/chicken/tofu on? I hope so. Nothing pays homage to our fallen soldiers like BBQ sauce. Me? I celebrated with one of the greatest war films of all-time, Tremors a.k.a. The Great Graboid-American War (TM Ian). Check out this charming interview with Kevin “Can You Fly, You Sucker?” Bacon. (Celebitchy)

I agree with Celebitchy that Bacon is remarkably unpretentious and I appreciate the quote “I don’t suffer from the disease of specialness.” That’s why I object to the title of this tumblr (Kanye West is NOT awesome). The content however is, undeniably awesome. Rando candids of famous people hanging out together including that header photo of NPH and Christina Hendricks’ bosom (Awesome People Hanging Out Together)

Speaking of rando candids, Bierce Ambrose sent me Sean Young’s fantastic polaroids from the set of Blade Runner. The snaps are great (Rutger Hauer, you angelheaded dreamboat) but who designs Sean Young’s website? Is it Sean Young? Does she use Angelfire? I kept expecting a midi of the Blade Runner theme to start playing. (Sean Young)

Speaking of great visuals, Comics Alliance has started a brilliant new feature called “Best Art Ever This Week” which features fan-made art curated from around ye olde internets. My favorites include the amazing Jor-El/ColonelKurtz/Brando sketch and the one of Ron Swanson below. But I don’t do comic books. Maybe you’ll prefer Mystique making out with an iceberg, um, I mean Iceman. (Comics Alliance)


But man cannot live on comic books alone (no, nor women neither) and that’s why Esquire has this feature on 75 Books Every Man Should Read. Guess how many female authors are on this list. Go ahead, take a guess. Did you guess three? Ah, you do them too much credit. (Esquire)

One of my favorite books to read as a child was all about the discovery of Tutankhamun…I may have had a girlhood crush on Howard Carter. So excuse me if I am super excited about the discovery of a long-sealed tunnel under a temple in Mexico. THERE BE TREASURE!! Or moldering corpses. Or something. (Physorg)

“Our bodies may molder, but our hearts never falter.” That’s my unofficial slogan for Film School Reject’s short film of the day: Rigamortis: A Zombie Love Story. It’s a zombie musical, folks, and you can watch it all right here on the internets. (Film School Rejects)

Speaking of dancing, my loose-footed felons, apparently it’s illegal to dance inside a national monument? That doesn’t seem right. But here is video of some park police violently arresting and detaining some folks for shaking a tailfeather in the Jefferson Memorial. Is it even illegal? The video doesn’t make it clear. The whole thing is, however, appalling. What would Kevin Bacon say? (Boing Boing)

You know what else is against the law? Destroying currency. I had no idea. It’s too bad because this alarm clock that shreds your money every time you hit snooze is probably the best thing I’ve ever seen. (Mashable)

Well, that was before I saw Pajiba reader Dewi Llywelyn Griffiths wail on the git-tar. Dewi, my fellow Llywelyn, sent me some videos of his pickin’ and a-strummin’. This piece, named for his sister, is fantastic and watch his fingers fly at 1:50. Pajiba’s Got Talent, yo. If any of you have some mad skillz you’d like to share with the class, don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

Finally we end today with a video that is actually relevant (thought slightly irreverent). Three graphic designers took four days to create this piece called “Bloody Omaha.” That’s three guys standing in for the entire Allied and Enemy forces on D-Day. Super impressive. It makes me want to take back some of the things I said about CGI. Some.

Joanna Llewellyn Robinson will send sweet crunchings and munchings to the first person who can explain to her who that kid Melvin in Tremors belongs to. Who are his parents??! What is he doing there? Is he a Lost Boy? You can email your suggestions to [email protected]

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