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Even Summer Glau, Terminator and Show-Killer, Couldn't Put The "Big Bang Theory" Out Of Its Misery

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | September 22, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | September 22, 2011 |

I’m back brioches!!!! Did you miss me? What do you mean you didn’t notice? I WAS GONE FOR DAYS. Thanks to Dustin for keeping the bed warm for me. Let’s snuggle under the covers, shall we, with a sexy Wednesday Thursday edition of Pajiba Free Love. As most of you know, Ben & Jerry’s released a Schweddy Balls flavor a few weeks ago in honor of one of Alec Baldwin’s finest comedic moments. The presence of the word b*lls (that’s the promised sexiness right there!) has, apparently, offended some right wing nut jobs. (Wonkette)

While we’re talking censorship, someone recently sent me this article to poke fun at my erratic and unnecessary tendency to aster*sk out swear words. POINT T*KEN, M*THERFUCKER. (The Onion)

When it comes to pop culture food, I’m afraid this pancake AT-AT beats Baldwin’s balls. (Craft) However, this gallery of geeky cookies wins all the the things. I don’t have to tell you which ones are my favorite, do I? (Blastr)


My birthday is right around the corner so if someone could whip me up a batch of Doctor Doughs, I would love it. Also, FYI, to all my loaded and adoring readers, the new iPhone will ALLEGEDLY be released on the day after my birthday. So, you know, order now. I’ll take one in white and one in black please. (Slate)

Speaking of new technology, I know many of you are still reeling from the recent changes to the Facebook layout. Well, um, has Zuckerberg got a treat for you! More new things! This is a music integration feature which allows you to listen to whatever music your friends are listening to. Rather like Spotify. I think? Maybe? (TechCrunch)

I’m sorry, this got rather techy and I promised SEXY. Okay, well along with my birthday, October brings the most wonderbraful time of the year: Halloween. Persephone has an adorable list of some of the more preposterous “sexy” costumes on the market this year. Two words: Space Hamsters. (Persephone)

Speaking of sexy hamsters, I’ve always thought Summer Glau rather resembled one. She’s on Dustin’s list of Television’s 20 Most Lethal Show-Killers. Yes, yes Paula Marshall’s on there too, but she’s not at the top. (Uproxx)

I don’t *worship* Zooey Deschanel, but I do rather like her, so I hope she doesn’t join Hamster Glau on the Show-Killer list. Her new sitcom had HUGE ratings, so let’s hope for the best. (Warming Glow)

But you know what I’m most excited for, right? You remember. Yes. THE STEVEN SODERBERGH STRIPPER MOVIE. It’s going to be so dreadful. Here are the first set images. Yes it’s just that awful Alex Pettyfer kid walking around looking trashy and ab-y. YES I AM EXCITED. (Just Jared)

So, I promised you a sexy Pajiba Love today, yesss? Well the following article includes this delightful sentence: “It’s every boy’s dream, just hosing everything down with semen, just to be sure.” But it’s about science! I swear! And the mating habits of squids. (ScienceBlog)

Speaking of squids, Laughing Squid is one of the best sites out there. I hope you frequent it already. If you don’t, you missed these amazingly creepy superhero fetuseseuesuessess. (Laughing Squid)

But the best squid-related site around is obviously Hot Ink. The most recent entry into their Sexual Inklings section made me blush. Like. Everywhere. (Sexual Inklings)

Finally, on a more somber note, Troy Davis was executed last night. I don’t know enough about the case or about Davis to offer my opinion, but I do know it meant a lot to many of you so I wanted to give you an opportunity to voice your opinion. (Vanity Fair)

R.E.M. announced their split yesterday. I was originally going to include a video of this AMAZING
“Somebody To Love” cover, but Michael Stipe and his boys have earned the musical slot in today’s Love. Many thanks, R.E.M., for all the drunken nights I have tried to fumble my way through the lyrics to “It’s The End Of The World.” I hope you enjoy your retirement.

My semi-retirement from Pajiba this last week did not prevent the lovely BierceAmbrose from sending me links. This was absolutely my favorite and worth it for the animated Perez Hilton alone.

Joanna Robinson didn’t really get to talk to y’all about the Emmys but she wants to say that Ashton Kutcher, Jon Hamm and Ed O’Neill will forever be in her favor for leaping up to help Margo Martindale up the stairs. That’s right, Kutcher. Lifetime pass.

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