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Even Someone as Brain Meltingly Hot as Idris Elba Feels Ugly Sometimes

By Jasmine Markes | Pajiba Love | February 5, 2013 |

By Jasmine Markes | Pajiba Love | February 5, 2013 |

Idris Elba will be on the cover of GQ UK’s March issue. Inside, he talks about trying to keep a lid on the Black Bond rumors and not feeling as attractive as he gets older. I’m pretty sure there is a legion of Vajibans that FERVENTLY DISAGREE with him. (Celebitchy)

If the final Entourage film script turns out half as hilarious as this version, I might actually consider adding it to my Netflix queue and maybe watching it four months later if I have the flu and there are no “House” reruns on even though there are always “House” reruns on. You know, instead of completely ignoring it outright. (Unreality)

The remains of King Richard III have been found beneath a parking lot in England. No word on if he died after getting into a fistfight with Chris Brown, but I wouldn’t rule it out. (Guardian)

The smartest sitcom on TV returns on Thursday. Here are 25 fun facts, easter eggs, and running jokes from NBC’s “Community.” (WG)

There is a great oral history of Pulp Fiction over at Vanity Fair. That includes behind the scenes photos, an interview with Phil Lamarr about his small but memorable role, and the knowledge that the film almost starred Daniel Day Lewis and Matt Dillon instead of John Travolta and Bruce Willis. (Vanity Fair)

Seeing as it’s Black History Month and all, here’s an interesting look at the dearth of Black comic book writers (Comics Alliance) and the trials faced by a Black cosplayer. (XO Jane)

Since February also brings the Valentimes, enjoy a whole mess of geeky valentines. Make sure you check out these “Game of Thrones” ones for that special sibling someone in your life. (MS)


Johnathan Rhys Meyers seems to be an even bigger fan of “Game of Thrones” than I am. He recently wrote the president to consider nominating Lady Catelyn Stark as Secretary of State (mostly by not mention all the stupid shit she’s done). Now that’s leal service. Can we get him on the show? There has to be some character that needs to look good shirtless and have crazy eyes. (HBO)

Take a crack at these LEGO pop culture riddles and see how many you can figure out. (My Modern Met) Some folks have already put forth a few guesses over here if you get really stumped. (Facebook)


Speaking of smart advertising, Oreo got some free publicity with a well-timed tweeted image during the Super Bowl blackout. Check out how it came together. (Wired)

This is a list of better “30 Rock” themed Ben & Jerry’s flavors than Liz Lemon Froyo. (The Braiser)

This is a fantastic interview with Harold Ramis about some of his films, including my favorite, Groundhog’s Day. (Brett Martin) h/t Dan C.

Will Ferrell’s NY loft was featured in Architectural Digest. I wonder if it, too, smells of rich mahogany and if he has many leather-bound books. (Architectural Digest)

In the interest of just plain, good looking design, feast your eyeholes on these noirish B&W superhero posters. (Collider)


Now, watch some of those very supes in this Avengers/The Breakfast Club mashup.

Did you know that Jimmy Fallon and Jason Bateman once starred in a Canadian soap opera… about wine… where they couldn’t use there real arms. Don’t ask me, blame Canada.

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