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Emma Stone Does Her Best Baby Goose Impression. Fails Adorably.

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | January 10, 2012 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | January 10, 2012 |

Greetings my little specks of stardust, in honor of David Bowie’s 65th birthday, here’s a photo gallery of the Thin White Duke doing normal stuff. Ah, but you and I know, no matter how mundane the task, the bulge remains. (Flavorwire)

I’m fairly certain that gallery was Flavorwire’s awkward anglo answer to this “Rappers Doing Normal Sh*t” tumblr. (Uproxx)

Speaking of the awkwardly anglo, The Shins have released a new track. You can listen to it here. It sounds…identical to all their other tracks. (Vulture)

Speaking of music, Mickey Hart (of The Grateful Dead) plans to turn the Golden Gate Bridge into a giant wind harp in honor of its 75th Anniversary. Considering I spent the bridge’s 50th Anniversary being sick off the back of someone’s yacht, I’m super looking forward to this year. (Laughing Squid)

And, listen, if “Gosling” becomes the new “Planking,” then 2012 is officially my favorite. Click through to see Emma Stone’s full body Gosle. (Buzzfeed)

What do you think I have to do to qualify for the Association of Women Film Journalists? Stop making up words like “Gosle?” NEVER! Anyway, here are their awards for 2011 which both align with my tastes perfectly (oh you better believe there’s some Fasschlong) and include some snide remarks. (MovieLine)

Speaking of making up words, Bierce Ambrose sent me this Amazon review of a Blood Rayne blade (hunh? right) and likened it to a Pajiba snarticle. Indeed, snarksome. (Amazon)

The adorable Matt Patches has put together this great list of 14 Variant Logos That Prove Even Studios Enjoy Having A Little Fun. (FSR)

Whereas, Mrs. Tom Cruise, where has all the fun gone? I find her so dead-eyed and lifeless these days that not even these topless photos can pique my interest. (Evil Beet)

For the politicos among you, here’s a funky little “Build Your Own Candidate” flip book that results in titles like “The Liberty Loving, Age Defying, Godfather of Garble.” Fun for everyone! (The Idiot’s Book)

Are any of you D&D players out there? My friend, a longtime DM, is curling his lip at the idea of a reboot for the game. What do you all think? IT’S OKAY, NERDLINGERS, THIS IS A SAFE SPACE. (NYT)

For you film nerds and Robert Redford enthusiasts out there, here’s a list of 13 films Universal is restoring and reissuing to mark their centenary. I got into a fight over Out Of Africa with someone on New Year’s Eve. Now we can do it again…in hi-def! (Bleeding Cool)

Finally, the antithesis of film nerdery would be this detailed documentation of the Big Momma franchise resulting in a “Table Of Sass.” On a white board? Ah yes, smells like college tuition money well-spent. (Reddit)

Ah, not that I did much more than eat Easy Mac and watch Bruce Campbell movies when I was in school. Oh and read books. I read a lot of books. That’s why I torture you with these book porn links. Here’s the porniest one I could find today. Enjoy!

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