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Eddie Murphy Quits. Who Should Host The Oscars? Oh, We've Got About 99 Candidates and Billy Crystal Ain't One.

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | November 9, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | November 9, 2011 |

I missed a few Pajiba Lovemaking sessions last week so Dustin is kindly letting me give you a double order of hot links today. So here we go, Pajiba Love II: Eclectic* Boogaloo. Well, folks, a lot has happened since we spoke a few hours ago. Specifically in regards to the Oscar Ceremony. In the wake of Brett Ratner’s flame out, Eddie Murphy quit as host. Word on the street is that Ron Howard’s other half, Brian Grazer has been hired to replace Ratner and that Grazer wants to bring Eddie back as host. But the Twitters have been a-buzzing with a far more enticing prospect and I, for one, am fully on board. Muppets! Right? Oh sure, tell me with a straight face that you don’t care about the Muppets, I dare you. If they must have humans to help anchor the show, why not bring on hosting pro Neil Patrick Harris and Muppet aficionado Jason Segel? If you’re all twitterpated at the prospect, go follow @MuppetOscars on Twitter. The power of Kermit compels you.

Whew. My apologies. That was long-winded. But not nearly as long-winded as the 28 page memo Jeffrey Katzenberger wrote on the declining state of Disney back in 1991. (Still declining, Jeff.) Allegedly, Cameron Crowe used the memo for inspiration when he wrote Jerry Maguire. Ah yes, that would make it more of a Mission Statement, no? Film Drunk has recapped the salient bits. (Film Drunk)

Speaking of Jerry Maguire, this is what that Lipnicki kid looks like now. You had me at HEEELLOOO. (The Superficial)

Our own Internet Magpie has created this completely adorable tumblr. At least, I think she did. She may have meant it ironically. I DON’T ALWAYS UNDERSTAND YOU HEPCATS. (The Ugliest Effing Blank)

The People’s Choice Awards Nominees have been announced. Robbert Pattinson, GOOP, Julia Roberts and Taylor Lautner? That Finn kid from “Glee”?!??! Ugh, these are not my people. (Market Watch)

Um, actually, to be completely honest, I watched last night’s episode of “Glee.” I know, I know. But there was tender gay sex woven with scenes from West Side Story and it was completely marvelous. I’m sorry to admit it. But it was a fantastic episode…for once. (Atlantic)

And to the Christian Right who did not react well to the gay part of that episode, here’s all I have to say. (Viral Viral Pictures)

Future Oscar host and “How I Met Your Mother” star Jason Segel talks about his next project. You had me at puppets, Jaso-no wait, you had me at Goonies, ah, ah, wait you had me at Labyrinth. (The Playlist)

Speaking of capitalizing on our youthful nostalgia, check out this awesome collection of Star Wars graffiti. BBQ-ing Storm Trooper? Call me. (Unreality)

Speaking of graffiti (the legal kind) check out this amazing Lego street painting. You can tell your brain it’s only 2-D. See if it listens. (Flickr)

Also, over on Flickr you can see a kindly man scooping Ben & Jerry’s ice cream for the OCCUPY protestors. That guy? We just call him Ben. (Flickr)

You know I don’t do cuddly animal videos, but I will do bastard animal videos. Here’s a supercut of animals being d*cks.

Finally, in honor of Carl Sagan, on his birthday, here is John Boswell’s latest Symphony of Science installment, “Onward to the Edge!” It features my boyfriend Neil deGrasse Tyson, Brian Cox and Carolyn Porco.

*Not a typo.

Joanna Robinson has much love for Billy. If only he were green.

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