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Drown Your Sorrows In Film's 100 Most Depressing Death Scenes

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | November 15, 2012 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | November 15, 2012 |

Ever wondered what it’s like inside the squirrel brain of an internet writer? Check out the following wicked accurate comic. Don’t give a crap? Zen scroll on down ze page, Liebling. (Oatmeal)

The other day I nominated Charlie Hunnam (aka Jax Teller) for the lead in the new Tarzan film. Looks like Hollywood is going in a different direction. Actually, strike that, it’s the same direction. (TFE)

Here are the first images of the big bad…uh…elves from Thor 2. I think it looks like someone put ears on some Cyberman and then slapped a doily on their evil elven crotches. But that’s just me. (BC)

Spoiler alert for the future of James Marsden’s adorable “30 Rock” character. (Vulture)

It’s a comics kind of day and this gem from James McAvoy and Donald Glover’s favorite movie delighted me. The many faces of Biff Tannen. (Classics Of Crap)

Looks like Kevin Clash (aka Elmo) has been truly exonerated of all sketchy allegations. Now his accuser has been put under scrutiny and, oh, it ain’t pretty. Let this be a lesson to everyone. You mess with a beloved muppet, you get the internet’s hand up your *ss. (WG)

Ben Affleck is on the cover of GQ and is whinging a little about how poorly the press treats him. Is it just me or is this some Benjamin Buttons sh*t? )Celebitchy)

In my third (and last) comic of the day, here’s a depiction of the types of folks you meet at the midnight release of a video game. Hmmm, not quite the same as the crowd I see at midnight book releases. (Nerd Approved)

The National Book Awards were announced today and Louise Erdrich beat out my boy Junot Díaz. Not cool, Louise. (NBA)

And the OED announced their word of the year. The new word originates from the glorious BBC sitcom “The Thick Of It.” It is, alas, not F*ckity-Bye. (BBC)

Speaking of which, the incomparable Peter Capaldi will be joining the cast of BBC’s “The Hour” for the second season which debuts in the US on November 28th. (Deadline)

Well, my loves, you might want to save this delightful “Best Of Mel Brooks” article until after you’ve watched all your favorite film characters die. (Uproxx)

Which would be now. Now is when they all die. Hunh, guess I should have watched Midnight Cowboy, oh, 20 years ago if I wanted to avoid that “spoiler.”

And, to make it all clean again, here’s one half of Hollywood’s cutest couple dancing for charity. His Gangnam Style is pretty crap, but that is a decent Pee Wee Herman.

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