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Drew Carey Proves Why He's the Tom Hanks of TV After Insane 'Price Is Right' Moment

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | June 8, 2024 |

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | June 8, 2024 |


The Emmy categories need to be fixed. - (Primetimer)

I stole this from our friend Nate’s facebook page and it is, as he said, the best video on the internet right now.

If you saw Luenell on John Mulaney’s Everybody’s in LA and thought she should have a show, you weren’t the only one; Letterman and Kimmel think so too. - (Latenighter)

It’s a new month and my foggy perimenopausal brain forgot last week, but this week I remembered! Along with the slew of other symptoms one may experience during the perimenopausal transition, it seems that people in perimenopause “are about 40% more likely to experience [depression] the mental health condition than premenopausal women.” Super. - (CNN)

Why Is Everyone on Steroids Now? Or “There really was a lot of talk about testicles” if I got to choose the headline for the article. - (GQ)

Outlander’s Sam Heughan vows to steal Taylor Swift from Travis Kelce at her concert in Scotland tonight. - (EW)

The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived Matt Healy’s “friend” says that Healy is taking [Taylor Swift’s latest album, The Tortured Poets Department, with several songs that are ostensibly about their intense relationship] things in stride considering “at no time were they ever serious.” m’kay - (Jezebel)

Kevin Spacey, who has three independent films ready for release, whined on a podcast about how there was no forgiveness in Hollywood as he discussed the vocal support he received from Sharon Stone and Liam Neeson amid the 10 new sexual misconduct allegations brought against him. - (THR)

Oh wow, Myka and James Stauffer and their adopted son Huxley they “rehomed.” I thankfully forgot about them. I hope Huxley is able to forget about them too. - (Lainey Gossip)

Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning starred in War of the Worlds 20 years ago (!) and every year since he sends her a birthday present. Gosh, what a swell guy! I wonder what he sends Suri for her birthday… - (Celebitchy)

Let’s learn a bit about US Women’s Water Polo, shall we? Starting with its new Hype Man, Flavor Flav… did you read that correctly? You did. - (CNN)

I hope everyone is having a happy and safe Pride month! Here are 10 Fun (and interesting) Pride Facts. Pride in Amsterdam looks effing’ delightful! - (TMS)

This week, a contestant on The Price Is Right came within one dollar in the showcase showdown, meaning he won both showcases in what Drew Carey called the best bid ever (without assistance from the audience). That’s remarkable, but what we found even more remarkable — and we don’t know if he does this at the end of every episode — is that he takes a moment to remind everyone to take care of their mental health. We just found that incredibly thoughtful and endearing.

We may have missed International Corgi Day, but we can still appreciate and celebrate!