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Dr. Drew Got Fired, Probably for Being a Terrible Person Who Shouldn't Be Allowed to Say Words In Public

By Vivian Kane | Pajiba Love | August 26, 2016 |

By Vivian Kane | Pajiba Love | August 26, 2016 |

The VMAs are this weekend, so here’s a look back at the event ten years ago. 2006 was a weird time, full of Pussycat Dolls and Vampire Jared Letos. (Go Fug Yourself)

Katy Perry was asked during a radio interview if she’d heard about the guy who got catfished into thinking he was her long-term boyfriend. She easily could have made SO MUCH fun of the guy, but she doesn’t, and I think this is the most I’ve ever liked Katy Perry. (Stereogum)

Dr. Drew, still most famous for co-hosting an Adam Carolla vehicle, was fired from his TV show just over a week after he said a shit-ton of horrible words about all the things he knows for sure about Hillary Clinton’s— as he sees it— crumbling body and damaged brain. Now if we can just time travel back to the 90s and stop anyone from letting him give voice to brain farts on television in the first place, we’ll be set. (Washington Post)

Mickey Rourke is still unrecognizable, but OH MY GOD LOOK AT HIS LITTLE DOG. (DListed)

Paisley Park— Prince’s answer to Graceland— is going to be open for public tours starting this fall, but tickets go on sale today! (Celebitchy)

Here’s a nightmare-inducing picture of Cogsworth and Lumiere from the new live action Beauty and the Beast. (/Film)

France has suspended that super racist, Islamophobic burkini ban. (BBC)

If you’ve ever wondered how terrifying an underwater ghost wedding would be, here’s an idea. (Bored Panda)

There’s a news museum that lets guests pretend to be a newscaster, and then choose to upload their “segments” to Newseum’s YouTube channel. This just in… people are really terrible at pretending to be newscasters. (Mashable)

Just in case you thought mayb Donald Trump wasn’t THAT racist— no, he is. Listen to an ex-KKK Grand Wizard describe how racist he is. (The Wrap)

Which character in the new It do you REALLY not want to see screwed up? (Revelist)

Cannonballer crystalclear is totally digging the Oddly Normal graphic novel series by Otis Frampton. She’s reviewed them all (See: first, second, and third) for #CBR8, and she’s left with the burning question: "Why does Misty wear shoes?" (Cannonball Read 8)

Have a great weekend, everybody! Go live your bliss, whatever that may be.

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