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A Faltering, Flailing Donald Trump Is Down a Man and Has No Plan B

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | December 9, 2018 |

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | December 9, 2018 |


How cute are G-ma Goldie and Grandpappy Kurt? - (Lainey)

Aww, I love this old story about Weird Al. - (Celebitchy)

With the walls closing in around him, and a shortstaffed White House Counsel’s office, Donald Trump’s only choice to replace John Kelly as Chief of Staff, Nick Ayers, has rejected him. As is so often the case, Donald Trump has no Plan B. Dollars to donuts, Corey Lewandowski at least gets an interview in the next three weeks.

They’re ALL good dogs, Brent, but this one might be one of the goodest! (Have tissues at the ready. No worries, though. Happy tears tissues!) - (Gizmodo)

Here are more good dogs from the movies of 2018. So. Many. Heckin. Good. Doggos! - (VF)

Why, though? Why is it so fucking hard to respect people and call them the name/pronoun they ask to be called? - (Jezebel)

Mike said, “Leo’s going full Nic Cage. You never go full Nic Cage.” - (Page 6)

Roxana sent me this and said, “a very good read, and an upsetting one.” - (Longreads)

A man coughed up an enormous blood clot that took the shape of a lung passage. You guys, it’s both disgusting and beautifully captivating. - (The Atlantic)

I don’t even know *what* timeline we’re in anymore. Words no longer make sense. “Ammon Bundy Quits Militia Movement in Solidarity With Migrant Caravan” Huh. - (NYMag)

Still not sure what timeline we’re in? “Tan Mom” is back. Does that help? No, no it does not. - (Dlisted)

Rob McEllheney revealed his Fat Mac diet on It’s Always Sunny, and it is disgusting. (Uproxx)

Ok. Ok. So, I’m familiar with “tit windows” but “crotch windows” is new to me. Janelle. Janelle. Janelle, stahp. - (GFY)

I know the mantra is “Don’t read the comments, don’t ever read the comments,” but you HAVE to read the comments on this!

I remember thinking how amazing it was that there were cupcake vending machines. And that a pizza vending machine was the cool new thing. That all seems so quaint now. The Ohio State University just got a BACON vending machine. If someone gets a biscuits and gravy vending machine, I’m fucking moving there. - (Akron Beacon Journal)

BlackRaven has a job many bookworms would envy: she works at a bookstore. Our most prolific reviewer this year (440 reviews!), she has primarily reviewed children’s books, all kinds of children’s books. If you are looking for book gifts for kids, her reviews are a great resource. For example, would you ever think to buy a book about roadkill for a 9-11 year old? Heather L. Montgomery’s Something Rotten: A Fresh Look at Roadkill is informative and surprisingly funny. "The part about the Tasmania Devils and their mouth cancer is FANTASTIC. (Gross, but fantastic)." (Cannonball Read 10)

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