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Donald Trump Must Be Tired of Winning

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | March 23, 2017 |

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | March 23, 2017 |

While Donald Trump was out on the White House lawn telling truckers that the vote on the Obamacare repeal would come tonight and would be close, while also doing this:

The House GOP delayed the vote, because they don’t have the numbers.

How’s this for a statistic.

Reminder: Trump is a baboon’s ass.

It’s the Sweet Sixteen and this one is reallllllly difficult, but LISTEN! KK needs to take some time off. You want to see Leto move on, don’t you? Don’tyou? Donnnnn’tyoooooooou? don’t you? - (GFY)

The internet is weird. Sometimes it brings you dogs dressed as people or cats that say “mama” or toddler-sized chickens. Sometimes it brings you whatever the hell this is. - (Dlisted)

It is not often that you will hear or see me do the “YAS QUEEN” thing, but anytime I read anything about Ava DuVernay, I can’t even help it Yas Queen.gif - (Lainey)

We finally know exactly why Ryan Gosling was laughing during the mayhem at the Oscars: Because he’s a good guy. (Vulture)

“They [women] didn’t know they were entitled to a voice. They didn’t know people would listen, and they didn’t know they were being objectified. They didn’t really understand how insidious it was […]” Laura Dern speaking at a press junket about women finding their voices and becoming aware of how pervasive sexism is. I think she has hit the nail on the head here. I don’t think a lot of us really understood until relatively recently just how minimized we’ve been made to feel, without really noticing that we’ve been made to feel that way, and NOW we fucking notice it! - (Celebitchy)

Aaaannd speaking of sexism and being objectified, this more than qualified woman running for Congress has better educational and employment credentials than current members of the President’s Cabinet, but all people want to talk about is her Maxim pictures. From 15 years ago. Cool, cool. - (The MarySue)

New Cannonballer, Camilaputz, brings us a beautiful review of a book about a fisherman desperate to have a child to love. Valter Hugo Mae’s O Filho de Mil Homens is not currently available in English, but don’t let that stop you from reading this review. The review itself (not only her first review, but her first in English) is a work of poetry. (Cannonball Read 9)

I think a lot of us are feeling worn down and emotionally drained by the current events and political landscape. I know I am! I’m going to try to post something positive each day in Pajiba Love. At least one nice thing happening in the world to try to remind us that there are good people, and kindness is still the default setting for most. If you see something sweet/thoughtful/kind and you would like me to highlight it (I can’t promise I can get to everyone’s), please feel free to email me a link at [email protected] Here’s today’s - (Popsugar)

You will never enjoy a snow day as much as these otters enjoy their snow day! - (TDO)

The Full 'Handmaid's Tale' Trailer Begins With A Huge And Necessary Spoiler | Dustassleton II: The Zone

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