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Donald Trump is Gaslighting Fact Checkers

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | June 2, 2019 |

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | June 2, 2019 |


This Tweet from Third Best Chris was flying around over the weekend and it was pretty cute. - (Lainey)

Which didn’t necessarily lead to this, but this was also going around and well, I died and now I’m a ghost!

Sometimes, you find yourself really identifying with a dog, you know? - (Dlisted)

Can you imagine anyone daring to grab a microphone out of Sen. Kamala Harris’ hand? OK, now close your eyes, picture a 24-year-old white dude with a scruffy beard and a manbun. Can you see it? Yeah. Fuck that guy. - (TMS)

12 people were murdered in Virginia Beach on Friday, but it’s as if we’ve moved on already; mass shootings are a normal everyday occurrence now. - (CNN)

As a Certified Lazy-ass Person, I love the idea of picking up my prescriptions, a Father’s Day card, and getting my hair styled all in the same place. - (Allure)

Speaking of Father’s Day, I’ve mentioned Sugarfina Candy before, and with good reason. Right now, they have Surprise Goodie Bags for $60 with $120 worth of candy cubes and candy bars, and the larger bag for $80 with $175 worth of candy. If the dad in your life is hard to shop for, maybe candy is his thing? If the mystery bags are too much or too mysterious, they have tons of other stuff. They even have boozy candy stuffs! Sign up with this link and you’ll get 10% off your first purchase - (Sugarfina)

We’ve seen Celebrities Reading Mean Tweets About Themselves and that’s definitely entertaining, but no one wants to say anything bad about Emma Thompson, so here she is with Mindy Kaling Reading Nice Tweets About Themselves. - (Refinery29)

Let’s watch Coach Taylor Kyle Chandler talk about Tim Riggins needing to get his shit together getting personal time with Godzilla - (AVC)

OK, so, when I first looked at this picture I didn’t see the caption and thought it was a nice blue jacket and was ready to move on. Then I read Heather’s caption and HOLY CRAP, now I see it! What IS that?! - (GFY)

Donald Trump called Meghan Markle “nasty” (now says he didn’t, but, like, there’s this thing called the internet and recordings and he doesn’t understand how any of that works) and now he has to go meet with her husband and in-laws. I hope Harry trips him. - (Celebitchy)

But, of course, we now live in a world where Trump needs to be fact-checked after an egregiously obvious lie — again, it was ON TAPE — and yet, fact-checkers are not as unequivocal as they should be in calling a lie a LIE. “The case isn’t as clear as Trump portrays it to be”? What? The CASE IS CLEAR, only not in Trump’s favor. Trump is gaslighting fact checkers! (Snopes)

Also, the enormous Trump Baby balloon will be there to greet His Spoiled Heinous when he touches down in London. Hahahahahahah, it’s so childish, but it’s so hilarious! - (News and Guts)

Are you watching the newly-released Good Omens miniseries? Did you check out Tori’s review? Did you agree with Neil Gaiman’s shift to focus on Crowley and Aziraphale? Cannonballers are interested to see how the miniseries adapts and updates their May #CannonBookClub selection. They’ll be chatting about the miniseries in 2 weeks, everyone is welcome! (Cannonball Read 11)

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