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Do You Think David Clarke Will Add A Resignation Badge To His Uniform?

By Ursula Scully | Pajiba Love | August 31, 2017 |

By Ursula Scully | Pajiba Love | August 31, 2017 |

David Clarke, the Milwaukee County Sheriff and flair button aficionado, has resigned. What does this mean? This Administration has taken the Friday night news dump tradition and pumped it full of steroids, plus it’s a holiday weekend so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. Previously Clarke was offered a job with the Department of Homeland Security, a position he accepted then later declined. (WaPo)

Today is the 20th anniversary of Princess Diana’s passing. Do you remember where you were when you heard the news? I was at the Yogi Bear’s Jellystone camping “resort” in Wisconsin. My memory of hearing the report on the radio is so vivid that it still feels like it happened a few days ago. This tweet choked me up.

I love this list so very much: 25 Famous Women on Their Favorite Snacks. Flamin’ Hot Cheetos make the list quite a few times, so I’m in good company. Betty White is the most truthful one of the bunch. I was pleasantly surprised at Martha Stewart’s comment. But of course, Goop is gonna Goop. (The Cut)

Speaking of…it’s not only ’90s fashion that’s made a comeback. The Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Pitt relationship is back in the news. (Dlisted)

Have you noticed how self-storage facilities are going up everywhere? Capitalism is a disease. We all have too much stuff. We don’t need more stuff. And yet, tomorrow is Force Friday (because I guess that’s a thing now) so let’s look at all the fun Star Wars toys! (WIRED)

I wonder if there is a Movie Poster Database file in Hollywood that each studio uses. Pick a style, choose a color scheme, update the names, and bam, you’re done. I swear I’ve seen most of these designs before. The Fug Girls aren’t impressed either. (GFY)

Reese Witherspoon said some weird things. It’s possible she didn’t consider what she was saying. “I think there’s nothing better than a Southern person as they age. The stories get better and better and less and less true.” That’s not good, Reesie dear. I’m not a doctor, but I’m pretty sure that’s called dementia. See also: Trump, Donald. (Celebitchy)

Terry Pratchett continues to delight us even two years after his death. His unfinished work was crushed by a steamroller. Naturally. (Atlas Obscura)

I know a lot of fashion designers have revolting historical connections to the Nazi party, but the extent of Coco Chanel’s involvement was a shock to me. The timing of their new ad campaign is, at the very least, ill-timed and tone-deaf. (Racked)

The Trip is one of my favorite movies. It’s the perfect combination of friendship, heartbreak, and food. The third collaboration between the filmmaker and the two actors, The Trip to Spain, came out earlier this month and no one told me! (LaineyGossip)

These two ladies made the most badass Game of Thrones tapestry. It’s over 215 feet long, fantastically detailed, and so pretty. (Irish News)

Cannonball Read’s #CannonBookClub discussion of Khaled Khalifa’s In Praise of Hatred is happening on Wednesday, Sept. 13. The discussion questions are up now, and you don’t have to be registered for #CBR9 to participate. Set 30 years before the current civil war, In Praise of Hatred is about a young girl whose family is torn apart by political violence in Aleppo, Syria. Sectarian hatreds, still being exploited today, are viewed through the lives of women. Will you join the discussion? (Cannonball Read 9)

Oh my dear god in heaven:

Ursula lives in Chicago and likes potatoes very much. You can follow her here.

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