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Do We Care If Our Beautiful Celebrities Are Dumber Than Fence Posts?

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | August 15, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | August 15, 2011 |

You know what I’ve been listening to all morning, my fine furry friends? The Muppet “Green Album.” How this slipped past my pop culture radar before today, I will never know, but it’s a nifty compilation of covers of famous Muppet songs. My favorite is Matt Nathanson’s “I Hope That Something Better Comes Along.” Some are better than others, and all of them lack that certain je ne sais frog, but it’s a cute album and you can listen to all of it, right now, on NPR. For freesies. One last thing, I misread this listing: ‘Mahna Mahna’ performed by The Fray as performed by Tina Fey and almost hyperventilated. Nerts. (NPR)

Ah, NPR, what a wonderful resource. Thank goodness our government recognizes its value and has not slashed its fund-eh? What? F*ck. Listen, I’m really not a communist, I swear. But I do think, in light of all this “extreme measures” and “shared sacrifice” talk, this Op Ed about tax breaks for the extremely wealthy is highly relevant. Did I mention it was written by Warren Buffett? (NYT)

Who do you think they would cast to play Warren Buffett in his biopic? According to this list of Film Actors and Their Less Attractive Real Life Characters, I think ol’ Buffett falls somewhere in the Brad Pitt territory. (Unreality)

Speaking of attractive actors, we often stumble across these stories of beautiful people behaving like total dimwits. (In the case of Jason Momoa here, an ill-advised rape joke at ComicCon.) And I get it, it’s all about the celebrity cycle of Build ‘Em Up, Knock ‘Em Down. But often I hear back from you, gentle readers (usually in regards to Megan Fox) that you don’t care if The Beautiful People are smart. As long as their dumbassery doesn’t translate to wooden performances that then ruin the films you love
(ahem, January Jones). So, what say you? Do you care, or are you just here to look? (Celebitchy)

On the subject of Thing That Look Real Purty, here is a list of the 50 Most Special Effects Of All Time. I’m not the only one who loves The Abyss? Yessssss. (Time Out NY)

That Special Effects juggernaut, The Hobbit has thrown out an open casting call for elves. Only “slim” people need apply. I guess they can’t CGI away the fact that I love bread. (The One Ring)

“BREAD MAKES YOU FAT?!?!” Oh yeah, I just Scott Pilgrim‘d you. Speaking of evil exes, there is a museum dedicated to the Artifacts Of Our Failed Relationships. You mean those things aren’t supposed to be burned? (Good)

Can someone take all the Wrestlemania information I learned for that boyfriend out of my head? Can you put THAT in a museum? I suppose it would look something like this awesome Taxonomy Of Wrester Names Poster. (Pop Chart Lab)

And while we’re charting pop culture, here is a fantastic Timeline of Sci-Fi films (including time travel within those films). (Alice Yi)

No time travel on this list (no, nerds, the Time Turner from Harry Potter doesn’t count…wrong movie). This is 15 movies that received an A+ on the CinemaScore (a survey of film audiences to rate their viewing experiences with letter grades). Really, Soul Surfer? Also, The Help, Antwone Fisher, The Blind Side and Driving Miss Daisy? Why that’s just the quadfecta of white condescension! (THR)

I’ve avoided most of the My Little Pony stuff because, frankly, it weirds me out. But this “Doctor Who” mash-up. Well. I’m powerless to resist. Watch this animated pony do the Tennant eyebrow and try not to smile. I dare you.

Finally, here’s the latest in the series of Film Musicals produced by the Kaplan Brothers (Jon and Al). I loved the Predator musical, but this time around, they actually got actors from the film to participate. So here are Roddy McDowall and Chris “Humperdink” Sarandon (with all the marbles in his mouth) performing “Amy Awake.” I just watched the original Fright Night the other day. It’s Cheese-o-licious.

Joanna Robinson has been trying to name the Warren Buffett biopic, but all she’s got so far is a week “buffet” pun. She bets you can do better.

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