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Discover How Evangeline Lilly And Her Hot Ass Plan To Ruin The Hobbit

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | January 26, 2012 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | January 26, 2012 |

Alright my little halflings, I suppose I don’t really mean it. About the ruining. As much as I disliked Evangeline Lilly’s Kate on “Lost,” the woman is not a terrible actress and she is VERY easy on the eyes. Read on if you care to know exactly how extensive her TOTALLY MADE UP part in The Hobbit is. I’m a bit of a purist myself, but even I will admit that The Hobbit could use some lady characters to break up the dwarven sausage party. (FSR)

By the way, nerds, I would totally go to a dwarven sausage party. And while I have you here, our very own nerdy SLW wanted you to know about this video game. His email was all Charlie Brown Adult Trumpet Noises to me, so I’ll just quote directly: “Some truly level 99 nerds have actually written a fully functional version of the video game from The Last Starfighter and released it online. The developers have also acquired the actual game cabinet used in the documentary about the making of the film and are setting it up in order to shatter all previous conceptions of ‘meta.’” (RogueSynapse)

And for all you folks who are little more “sci” than “fi,” here’s an article sent to me by BierceAmbrose on the longest running scientific experiment. It MAY be one of the more boring science experiments, but it’s been going for the better part of a century. (PopSci)

And speaking of long-running, someone clever has done a video featuring every single “Doctor Who” episode. Every one. If you weren’t convinced before that you should watch “Who,” the lurching Daleks from the 60s will indubitably convince you. (NerdApproved)

Yesterday was Scottish Poet Robbie Burns’s birthday. If you, yourself, weren’t celebrating by raising a pint of ale last night, then you can praise him this morning. Read this deliciously scathing letter he wrote to a critic whom he called, among other things, “thou eunuch of language.” (Letters Of Note)

And though this birthday post for the late Andre The Giant is old, it’s worth a look, if only for the image of Andre’s hand holding a 12 oz beer can. (Lobshots)

Speaking of hot asses (as we were…remember?), Rhianna’s may be in trouble. I’m not just talking about her potentially hooking up with Chris Brown (what the h*ll?), I’m referring to the batsh*t tattoos she got on her knuckles. This is like ‘08 Britney behavior. What, Danny Trejo, you couldn’t stop her?(EvilBeet)

Speaking of insanity, how wise is it to proceed with a spin-off of a show that’s lost its luster? “The Office” creators are planning a new sitcom around Rainn Wilson’s Dwight Schrute. That might maybe have a been good idea four years ago. Now it seems like beating a dead horse which, I’m sure, is something they literally do at Schrute’s Beet Farm. (Warming Glow)

And I know some folks are already growing weary of “Downton Abbey,” but check out the buttoned-up cast letting it all hang out at the National Television Awards. I would say O’Brien cleans up the best, but my heart belongs to Mr. Bates. (NTAs Tom&Lorenzo)

Which reminds me, I thought I was done with the “Sh*t Says” videos, but then I saw this.

If British people object to us learning about their culture via historically inaccurate melodramas like “Downton Abbey,” then imagine the fits and boomerangs the Aussie’s would throw if everything we knew about their culture we learned from film. Because their culture would look something like this…mate. (ScreenJunkies)

Don’t tell Dustin I posted this cuddle-worthy video of a dormouse snoring. I’d be fired on the spot.

Here, he likes Jeff Tweedy, maybe we can distract him with this fantastic new Wilco video. It’s hand drawn and features Olive Oyl and Popeye getting down.

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