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Wait? So the Russians Paid Her ... ?

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | May 8, 2018 |

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | May 8, 2018 |


We covered some of the best looks from the Met Gala; the guy who didn’t fall down at this year’s Met Gala; and the hilarity of Tom Brady’s outfit; but we will leave it to Lainey to annoint the worst dressed. (Lainey)

Meanwhile, ScarJo basically wore a bridesmaid’s dress and Colin Jost wore …WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING THERE, JOST? (Celebitchy)

Speaking of Jost, here’s a rundown of the dudes at the Met Gala. (GFY)

There’s a lot more to this story — and the tentacles are just starting to form — and I’m sure I’ll write about it at length in the morning, but for now: It’s enough to know that $4.4 million was funneled through the same LLC that Michael Cohen used to pay Stormy Daniels, and $500,000 of that came from a company controlled by a Russian oligarch, which means that Russia may have had a hand in paying off Stormy Daniels. (NBC)

Clayne Crawford is not the only actor in trouble for his on-set behavior; Johnny Depp allegedly attacked a location manager on the set of his film LAbyrinth after a day of heavy drinking. “When the well-liked worker told Depp, “I’m just doing my job,” a source said Depp tried to punch him in the ribs. But the weak blow didn’t make an impact, and Depp yelled, “I’ll give you $100,000 to punch me right now!” The stunned staffer stood still, and Depp was finally pulled away.” (Page Six)

The Guns ‘n Roses track “One in the Million” caught shit for being homophobic even way back in 1987, so it’s good to know that they’re pulling it from the re-issue of Appetite for Destruction. (The Mary Sue)

Hey! The racist in the West Virginia Senate race came in third. We overestimated the racism of West Virginian GOP voters. We apologize. (NYTimes)

Hard pass. No thanks.

Check out the #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob hashtag on Twitter. It’s hilarious.

My first thought after seeing this was, “Why are these people close enough to lava to film it eat a car?” Then Steven told me that lava travels really, really slowly, which left me wondering why these people just stood there and watched instead of trying to save the car?

True story: Jimmy Fallon is 50 percent more tolerable when he’s standing next to Stephen Colbert.

Sooooo, basically what they’re saying is, “if we don’t get our way, we’re killing our dogs and going home!” What the hell? (Raw Story)

I think I’m one of the few who wrote about it extensively, but I loved Jessica Biel’s USA Network horror series, Sinner. After this casting coup, I’m going to love it even more. Big score. (FSR)

The Arrested Development cast isn’t thrilled with the recut season 4. (Slashfilm)

As summer beach season approaches, please take a moment to wish the late Peter Benchley a happy birthday. Badkittyuno reviewed Benchley’s Jaws for CBR7. "I’m not entirely sure what Spielberg saw in this novel that made him think, ‘Yes, we’ll turn this into a summer blockbuster — with a brand new ending and about 2/3 of the content removed/changed.’" Have you read Jaws? Did the movie make you want to stay out of the water? (Cannonball Read 10)

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