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Did Anyone Think Justin Bieber Could Make It Through His Roast Without Crying? Because You Were Wrong

By Vivian Kane | Pajiba Love | March 17, 2015 |

By Vivian Kane | Pajiba Love | March 17, 2015 |

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! The New York parade is just as homophobic as ever. (Daily Dot)

Dustin’s got a list of the scariest movies on Netflix, and I’ve now got nightmares forever from that picture of a zombie shark. Thanks, boss. (Uproxx)

I have to admit, I fully don’t understand the whole bracketing thing, but for Go Fug Yourself’s Fug Madness, I’d be willing to learn. (GFY)

Stephen Sondheim thought Lady Gaga’s performance at the Oscars was a “travesty.” I’m going to choose to believe that he and Shonda Rhimes have spent a LOT of time bitching about their Gaga opinions over bottles and bottles of wine. (US Weekly)

Did anyone actually think Justin Bieber could make it through his Comedy Central Roast without crying? (Kimmel)

More on that: Apparently a show on Comedy Central focused around making a shitty 21-year-old perpetually exploding human pimple cry didn’t remain firmly within the walls of good taste. Shocking, I know. Some gross Paul Walker jokes were cut from the show. (People)

Stefano Gabbana responded to Elton John’s boycott call with a lot of ‘Stop putting words in my mouth’ and ‘No, YOU’RE stupid’ and just a smidge of ‘Our hateful idiocy a cultural thing!’ (Celebitchy)

Comics creator Erik Larsen (not Devil in the White City writer Erik Larson— I was super sad for a hot second) had a meltdown on Twitter over Wonder Woman’s sleeves because apparently they’re ruining comics? And maybe the world at large? The whole glorious spiral ended in Larsen deleting his Twitter account and most of the world deleting him from our mental lists of people to take seriously. (Mary Sue)

Have you ever looked around and wondered if you were living in a Terry Pratchett novel? Don’t be silly, of course you have. Here’s a handy cheat sheet you may want to print out and carry around. (The Toast)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Have fun, be safe, and don’t get kidnapped by Celts like Pat did. (Phactual)

Cannonball Read celebrates St. Patrick’s Day with a book by an Irish writer who uses the framework of the IRA bombing of the Brighton Tory Party Conference in 1984 as a setting for a locked room mystery. Popcultureboy gives three stars to In The Morning, I’ll Be Gone by Adrian McKinty and says "McKinty’s freewheeling storytelling style draws you in to the mystery very well." Who is your favorite Irish writer? (Cannonball Read 7)

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