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DiCaprio Welcomes a New Member into the 'P*ssy Posse,' and KStew Continues Her No Fucks Given Tour

By Geek Girl Diva | Pajiba Love | October 16, 2014 |

By Geek Girl Diva | Pajiba Love | October 16, 2014 |

Leo DiCaprio has introduced a new member to the p*ssy posse, and he’s the worst. Jesus, Leo. Great actor, but terrible taste in friends. (Lainey)

Mark Frost is releasing a new book called The Secret Lives of Twin Peaks to give you the background on what’s been happening with the Twin Peaks characters for the last 25 years. (THR)

Imagine Snow White as a roller derby girl. Yeah, it’s awesome. (Fashionably Geek)

I saw all this chatter about how Erykah Badu sang on the street and made a whopping four bucks. I admit, I was like “Huh?” Well, I’ve seen the video and now I know why. She’s a TERRIBLE busker. Heck, I’ve made more money street singing. (Flavorwire)

The first promo image for Pacific Rim II is out. Yes, I happy danced. (The Mary Sue)

If you thought Andrea was a badass on The Walking Dead, she’s got nothing on the actress who plays her. Laurie Holden just worked with Operation Underground Railroad to rescue 55 Colombian sex workers. (WG)

While Bedhead angled this story as “Zoe Saldana wants to be told she’s sexy while pregnant,” she made sure to include the real news that Zoe’s taken to watching crime shows during her pregnancy. ONE OF US! (Celebitchy)

The Fug Girls want to know “what the ever-living fire-breathing effing smackballs IS going on with Brad Pitt?” (GFY)

I have no idea how I got to talk about this first, but yay! The first picture of Emma Stone as Sally Bowles is out. Rawwwwwwr. (/Film)

Pedro Pascal is going to be in Ben-Hur. I wanted to make a Jesus-killer joke, but then decided not to. (/Film)

There’s new drama in the Halle Berry/Gabriel Aubry case. He currently gets $16K in support a month. She wants to drop it to $3K. I like her thinking. (DListed)

It takes a little connecting of the dots, but you can officially say that Kill Bill and Grosse Pointe Blank are Disney movies. (Playboy)

Kristen Stewart continues to tell the haters to go f**k themselves. (VF)

Paul Rudd is super stoked that the Royals are heading to the World Series. Party at Paul’s mom’s house! (Vulture)

Geek Girl Diva has singing rehearsal for her CD today. Think good thoughts.