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Defensive Much, Mike Pence? Plus, Ted Cruz Continues To Be Terrible At This

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | September 10, 2018 |

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | September 10, 2018 |


There is not a whole lot going on this morning in the political world, which I suppose we should be thankful for. Bob Woodward’s book will officially be released tomorrow, and Trump is going after Woodward on Twitter, as the book has clearly gotten under his skin.

Trump clearly didn’t stick around for the answer to that question. “They are not telling the truth. These people, these are political statements to protect their jobs. Totally understandable.”

I saw a CNN reporter in Alabama this weekend asking Trump supporters what they thought of the book, and he asked one guy, “Be honest: Do you think Trump is telling the truth or Bob Woodward,” and he paused for about 5 seconds and conceded, “Probably Woodward.”

Meanwhile, Vice President Mike Pence — who has been insanely absent for the better part of 2018 — might have been a source in the Woodward book, although he’s out there actively denying he was the Senior Administration Official in the NYTimes piece, saying that he’d take a polygraph to prove that he wasn’t the source.

He sounds awfully defensive, doesn’t he? Of course, it’s not like he hasn’t lied before. Lying is his lodestar (did I use that word correctly? Does anyone know how to use that word correctly except for Mike Pence?)

Elsewhere, Roy Moore has dropped his defamation lawsuit against Sacha Cohen Baron and Showtime, presumably once he realized that in a defamation lawsuit, the other side can win by proving that they were telling the truth. Given the number of available witnesses willing to testify on Showtime’s behalf, I’m guessing that Roy Moore didn’t want to make his fondness for minor women the central subject of the lawsuit.

Meanwhile, Republicans are super worried about Ted Cruz. Mick Mulvaney expressed concern during a closed-door Republican fundraiser that Cruz might lose essentially because he’s an “unlikable” candidate, while Rick Tyler — Ted Cruz’s own former communications director — also suggested it’s “possible” that Cruz could lose his seat in a race he should be winning by 10-15 points. The Republican party, however, is sending in the cavalry — Trump is going to appear at a rally on his behalf, the GOP is dumping tons of cash in the race. I don’t know Texas politics that well, but it seems to me that O’Rourke is running a positive campaign and doing very well with it, while more money from the Republican party just means more negative ads (and so far, Ted Cruz’s attempts there have backfired spectacularly).

Cruz’s latest attempt to go negative? “They want us to be just like California, right down to tofu and silicon and dyed hair.” Is that really all that effective in discouraging O’Rourke’s younger voters from turning out? Because if O’Rourke wins, it’s going to be because he managed to rally younger voices.

Also, Heidi Cruz has dyed hair, which even Cruz conceded (presumably after he was called out on it), saying his wife was “a California vegetarian. She’s wonderful, but I brought her to the great state of Texas.” Now it sounds like he’s trying to capitalize on his relationship with someone from California. He keeps trying to have his cake and eat it, too, but someone keeps dropping the damn cake on the floor.

Reminder: This is Ted Cruz and his daughter.


If Ted Cruz lost, it would be the single greatest thing to happen in American politics in 2018.

Finally, like a lot of my colleagues here, I’m not watching the NFL, although I am still playing Fantasy, and I still love football, so my Sundays now look like this:

Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 11.12.50 PM.png

It’s still weirdly thrilling. Also, congrats to the Cleveland Browns, who finally broke their losing streak by not winning, not beating the Pittsburgh Steelers 21-21 in Overtime. Congratulations!

And yes: Julia Loius-Dreyfus will be our header stand-in for Mike Pence. Who could possibly be more appropriate? Plus it gives me the opportunity to post this:

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