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Defense Secretary Mattis, Apparently Defying Trump, Has Frozen The Ban Against Transgender Troops

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | August 29, 2017 |

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | August 29, 2017 |

Is General Mattis asking to get fired? Between freezing the ban (nice!) and his rebuke of Trump last week, Mad Dog doesn’t seem to be Donnie Trash’s Number 1 Super Fan. - (USA Today)

Looking for a cool back-to-school gift for your college kid? Or are you a cool college kid looking for a back-to-school thing for yourself? Cards Against Humanity has got you covered! - (CAH)

Kelly Osborn has switched her hair color from the violet to ORANGE. I say ORANGE rather than just orange because I want you to be prepared that it’s not orange; it’s ORANGE. But, I kinda’ dig it. It’s like Orange Fanta. I never really think I like Orange Fanta until I have an Orange Fanta and then I’m all, “Oh yeah, no, I like this.” - (Celebitchy)

Because it’s a day ending in “y”, the Matt Walsh who isn’t the GOOD Matt Walsh made yet another staggeringly stupid comment, this time about a man carrying a Hurricane Harvey victim and her baby, and Twitter is right there to let him know his sexist comments are dumb as hell. - (Teen Vogue)

Glenn Danzig is selling his house in LA for $1.2M. It’s for sale “as is”. When I was looking at houses before we bought our house, we looked at a couple of “as is” places, none were as “as is”-ish as Danzig’s “as is”. It’s just missing a couple of raccoons and a hotplate in the middle of a room. - (CoS)

Fannnnnnnnncy Jammmmmmmies, fancy jammies, faaaancy jaammmies, fancy jams jams ♫ That’s my new song. - (Lainey)

OHSOSAAAAAD! Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin have broken up as BFFs and I am legit bummed. - (Dlisted)

Ah, yes, I remember that one. I believe it was Proverbs 17:7 - “And lo the earth will be covered with sharks and also maybe some alligators.” Hey, Jesse Watters, you’re spreading fake news! - (The Hill)

Nicole Kidman looks like somebody here but I can’t place it and it’s driving me bonkers! Also, I almost like this dress. Almost. - (GFY)

Holy fucking shit. I knew Joe Arpaio is a gross, racist, abusive scumbag, but I had no idea just how evil and corrupt and batshit insane he is. This article is long, but it needs to be read by everyone, because all of us who are appalled by Trump’s pardon of Arpaio? We don’t really know the half of it. And those who aren’t appalled by the pardon? If they know any of this, these are the kind of people I want to stay far far away from. - (Current Affairs)

If you like Frank Underwood, you will enjoy Herman Koch’s The Dinner (translated by Sam Garrett). JCoppercorn found Koch’s reveal of the story through Paul’s unreliable narration to be like a ballet. Which is worse, watching characters get away with abhorrent acts, or wanting them to get away with abhorrent acts? (Cannonball Read 9)

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