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Dear Kristen Wiig: You're a Movie Star Now. Act Like One

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | May 23, 2012 |

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | May 23, 2012 |

Click over to these images of actors goofing off on the set of Empire Strikes Back, and I guarantee your Wednesday will be better than it was before you clicked. (Unreality)

The Washington Post lifestyle section has a list of “7 Bad Foods That Are actually Good for You.” Here’s what’s maddening about it, though: Nobody thinks half of those foods are actually bad for you. Fruit, really? What’s wrong with you? (WaPo)

You know who is great? Chrissy Tiegen. You know who isn’t? Chris Brown. You know who is worse? Chris Brown’s fans, who are tweeting at her the most repugnant, misogynistic sh*t I’ve seen since the comments oversensitive fanboys left on that negative review of The Avengers. (IDLYITW)

This is just plain awesome. At the “SNL” after-party, a drunken Amy Poehler sings Joan Jett’s “Bad Reputation” with Dave Grohl.


Kristen Wiig performed “I Love Rock n’ Roll,” which raised her in my esteem until I saw what beer she was drinking. Good God, woman! Coors Light? You’re a movie star. Act like one. Order a real drink.


That’s better.


If you’re curious, someone in the audience recorded Poehler’s number with their phone. (Uproxx)

I’ve stuck through four seasons of the horribly uneven “Damages,” and you can bet your ass I’ll watch the fifth. Guess whose death this season looks to center on? (EW)

They’re talking about making a movie out of Confederacy of Dunces again, which is a terrible idea not only because it’s unadaptable, but because the actors attached as the lead have had a history of premature death. Who should you put on your Celebrity Death List now? (Slashfilm)

Harvard researcher Ethan Zuckerman has proposed a new unit of measurement that he calls the Kardashian, which would equal the amount of worldwide attention Kardashian received in a day. (Kotke)

Speaking of Kim Kardashian, this ten year old REALLY hates her (WG), but I’m not sure she’s as awful as the Human Barbie that Anderson Cooper called dreadful and kicked off his talk show yesterday. (WarmingGlow)

If you have a few minutes, I can’t recommend this GQ interview with Vince Gilligan, Matthew Wiener, and David Milch enough. It’s fascinating. (GQ)

But if you just want the David Milchisms, New York Mag has you covered. “I think it’s more of an osmotic and less cognitive process.” (Vulture)

Also on Vulture, Ryan Murphy reveals that the second season of “American Horror Story” is not only set in a mental institution, it’s set in the 60s. (Vulture)

During hiatus from “Game of Thrones,” our man Peter Dinklage will play the part of a woman in Molière’s satire “The Imaginary Invalid.” (NYTimes)

If there’s one thing you may be able to pinpoint about “Saturday Night Live’s” eroding cultural relevancy, consider this: 58% of sketches this season were some form of TV parody, from debates to talk shows to game shows. Hey, “SNL”: There’s something called the Internet. Look into it. (The Atlantic)

Ooooh! Look! Karen Gillan playing with herself. (GammaSquad)

In the Things I Never, Ever Want to Think About Again Department, Justin Bieber’s (allegedly gargantuan) penis has a name. (Unicorn Booty)

The Fug Girls covered this week’s “American Idol” finale in the only way in which they know how, which is to say: Fabulously. But let me just say this: I tuned in for the last 10 minutes last night for the first time in maybe four years? Since Jordin Sparks? Anyway, this guy, Phillip Phillips, did a Mumford and Sons song, which was OK, except for the fact that JLo was all, like, “There’s nothing else like that on the radio.” BUT WHAT ABOUT MUMFORD AND SONS? MUMFORD AND SONS ARE ON THE RADIO. And it sounded JUST LIKE THAT. No wonder “American Idol’s” ratings are in the toilet this year. (Fug Girls)

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