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Dear Celebrities: Before Tweeting about Woody Allen, Put Down Your Keyboard and Step Away from the F**king Computer

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | February 11, 2014 |

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | February 11, 2014 |

MIley Cyrus’ ex-boyfriend Liam Hemsworth may be sleeping with that attractive brunette from that show the kids watch over on the CW. This would be a lot more scandalous if either of them were interesting even a little. (Dlisted)

I took a trip down fuzzy memory lane here and ranked the worst TV series busts from former Must See TV stars. Jason Alexander’s Bob Patterson? I’d say NEVER FORGET, but it wasn’t on air long enough for us to remember it. (Uproxx)

Stephen King is not the only celebrated author that has stuck his/her foot in his/her mouth on Twitter with regard to the Woody Allen mess. Joyce Carol Oates also demonstrates why maybe certain people (like me!) should just keep their damn mouths shut when it comes this controversy, especially on Twitter, where it takes more than 140 characters to pull that foot out of your mouth again. (Flavorwire)

How does a celebrity insist on a prenup without making her celebrity significant other feel diminished? Ask Gabrielle Union. She knows what’s up. (Related: I can never think of her fiancé, NBA player Dwyane Wade, without thinking of Kadeem Hardison’s character in A Different World). (Crushable)

The Fug Girls on Jared Leto’s outfit at the Oscar nominees luncheon: “I feel like he’s the dealer at a small casino’s $10 minimum Champagne tables.” That’s actually a kinder assessment than this deserves. Woo boy. (GFY)

Can a juicy Thor cameo save Agents of SHIELD? Joanna doesn’t think so. I’m kind of maybe almost coming back around on the series, myself. (VF)

Rupert Sanders still can’t seem to get over poet laureate Kristen Stewart, who basically ruined his life. (Celebitchy)

I know the intention here is to recast bad movies with different actors to make them better, but in the case of Batman and Robin, YOU’RE MAKING IT WORSE. (Unreality)

We assumed it was a joke initially, but I guess it’s not. We sadly report the demise of VideoGum. We liked those guys a lot. (Videogum)

I’d always associated The Daily Beast fondly with Andrew Sullivan, so I didn’t realize that it was tasteless rubbish without him until Joanna alerted us to this piece on Philip Seymour Hoffman last week. Appalling doesn’t even begin to describe it. (The Daily Beast)

What do Fraggles smell like? I’ve always thought felt and hand sweat. But if you know, there’s a cool prize involved. (Geekosystem)

No saccharine here: The Rosie Project is hot chocolate with cayenne pepper. AskImagine recommends Graeme Simsion’s witty debut novel and says you will truly laugh out loud. (Cannonball Read 6)

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