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David O. Russell Likes Jennifer Lawrence So Much He Sometimes Forgets She's a Woman

By Vivian Kane | Pajiba Love | November 12, 2015 |

By Vivian Kane | Pajiba Love | November 12, 2015 |

Kiernan Shipka revealed there were even more Bobby Drapers on Mad Men than we thought. Eight total, actually. Complete with eight adorable nicknames like “Bucket Head Bobby” and “Slurpee Bobby.” (Uproxx)

I do not think January Jones understands the basic concept of pants. (Go Fug Yourself)

Angelina Jolie wants every woman to experience the weirdness of directing their own husbands in a sex scene with themselves. (Celebitchy)

Jennifer Lawrence gave a lengthy interview to Vogue, and she talked about a LOT of stuff. She talked about those naked pictures, about not being a republican anymore, and about how mean dudes are to her. The weirdest part, though, is when she discusses David O. Russell. Among other things, she says, “Because I’m not so sensitive, we can really talk, like, man-to-man. Sometimes he accidentally refers to me as he or him.” As insulting as that is, she swears that Russell “respects and understands women.” His version of “respect” sounds more like tolerating— you know, until a woman can prove herself to rise above her gender. (DListed)

As a terrifying contrast to Dustin’s wonderful tribute to great preschools yesterday, behold: the batshit crazy $18,000 a year end of the preschool spectrum. (Jezebel)

A conversation with our new hero, the woman who read through a Donald Trump rally. (The Slot)

This is hugely depressing from a social standpoint, and really upsetting from a childhood destroying perspective, so I’m just sorry in general. Peter Robbins, the actor who voiced Charlie Brown, has been sentenced to nearly five years in prison for attempting to hire someone to kill his town sheriff. That comes so close to being a weird, funny joke of a story, except that Robbins told his judge that he is mentally ill and needs help, and that judge did not listen. (US)

Adam Savage documented his last day of Mythbusters on Twitter, just in case you wanted your heart to break a little more today. (AV Club)

Nashville’s Clare Bowen wrote a beautiful piece on why she cut off her hair. (Facebook)

The Lego Ghostbusters Firehouse HQ is super cool and detailed and also has a scene of Slimer on a toilet, so really what more could you ask for? (Gizmodo)

Amitav Ghosh’s Ibis trilogy begins and ends, "…with the story of Deeti, a farm girl from Ghazipur who is married to an opium addict. When her husband dies, her family wants her to commit settee - a ceremony wherein the widow immolates herself, semi-voluntarily, on her husband’s funeral pyre. Deeti chooses not to and instead elopes with a lower-caste unspeakable." Zirza gives five stars to this impressive trio of books and says, " there is heartbreak, romance, bloodshed, war, peace, politics, culture, sex, love, and death. What more could you possibly want?" (Cannonball Read 7)

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