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David Beckham Is Here To Crumple Your Cynicism Into A Ball And Punt It Across The Goal Line

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | July 24, 2012 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | July 24, 2012 |

Afternoon, my demigods and goddesses! I was just mentioning yesterday how much I enjoy the spectacle of Chris Hemsworth walking about with his tiny baby and then the good folks over at Buzzfeed gathered all the internet photos up in their brawny arms to share with you and me. I mean, look at it. His bicep is as big as the baby’s head. (Buzzfeed)
hems baby.jpeg

And while you’re looking at cute things, check out John and Yoko made out of Legos. LOOK AT THEM. (Retronaut)

You can look, but you can’t blink. This “Doctor Who” Stare Down is my second favorite Who-related link on the interwebs today. (My first being this glorious photo of River Song.) I’m beginning to feel all wibbly wobbly in anticipation of the next season. (Deviant Art)

The Internet is still filled to the brim with Batman links so let’s get a few out of the way. First of all, I loved this piece in “Vanity Fair” where Nolan gives some behind the scenes insight into the filming. It includes this photo of my favorite set piece (which was also used brilliantly in The Fall) as well as several shots from the rest of the trilogy. (VF)

And in less buoyant news, one of the victims (in that he was there not that he was shot) of the Aurora massacre is suing several people. I mean, I have sympathy for everyone involved, but this smells like a distasteful money grab. (Film Drunk)

American space hero Sally Ride passed away yesterday and maybe I’m ignorant (or maybe it’s just nobody’s DAMN business who someone loves and chooses to spend their life with) but I had no idea she was a lesbian. Ride’s sexual orientation shouldn’t matter one way or another but it did prompt this pretty tidy takedown of Mitt Romney after he was caught in some hypocrisy. (Twitter) (Homo) Sexual politics aside, Ride was an admirable figure in our nation’s history and she will be missed. Her sister’s touching reaction is here. (Boing Boing)

In an effort to curtail the hideous cesspool that is the YouTube comments section (or, more likely, in a continuing effort to make “fetch” happen) Google is now requesting YouTube users link their profiles to Google+, effectively removing the anonymity and attendant douchebaggery it affords. So far this change isn’t mandatory, so get your poorly spelled hate speech while the getting’s good. (The Mary Sue)

Here’s a fun little linguistic challenge, can you identify the sexual proclivities of all the types of “Johns” from this whorehouse description of 1795? “The Back Door March” and “Willful Mistake Of Ports” aren’t too hard, but when it comes to the Gomorrah Minuet, the mind reels. (Georgian Bawdy House)

Another challenge, can you find the link between all these characters? Some of them are obvious others are…I mean…who IS that masked man? (The Curious Brain)

In a nifty bit of linguistic sorcery and careful slicing and dicing, HBO has turned all the negative “The Newsroom” reviews into positive blurbs. (Forbes)

Ever wondered what the world’s largest lollipop would look like? No? Too bad. Here it be in all its 6 ft, 7,000 lb glory. (Eater)

I dig this historical look at how to woo a lady through pop music and though you can probably see the punchline coming, it’s worth it to stick it out until the 90s. Also, next time, can we hire Ben Folds?

Finally, I know it’s a commercial for Adidas, but f*ck you it’s cute. David Beckham surprises sports fans in an Olympics photo booth. TEARS ENSUE.

Joanna Robinson would let Chris Hemsworth willfully mistake her ports any day of the week. Email! Twitter!

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