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Cumberbatch is Creepy/Sexy, Lauer is Sketchy and Every Week Should Be Justin Timberweek

By Sarah Carlson | Pajiba Love | March 15, 2013 |

By Sarah Carlson | Pajiba Love | March 15, 2013 |

Hey y’all! I’m still recovering from SXSW (I took out several Interactive badge nerds, and I won’t say where the bodies are), but I’m here. Let’s go.

A lot of people have had good weeks. (See: Pope, The; Mars, Veronica) But you know who is just gliding through life, owning late night TV along with the hearts of many? Mr. JT. (NYTimes)

His band, The Tennessee Kids, is living the life, too: Vulture

After serving as host and musical guest on a great “SNL”, he has camped out with Jimmy Fallon for Justin Timberweek to promote the Tuesday release of his album, “The 20/20 Experience.” When they weren’t giggling, they were playing. Here’s my favorite bit:

In the same vein, wouldn’t you aca-believe it, NBC is bringing back “The Sing-Off.” (EW)

It’s odd to cite two NBC shows in a positive way, so let’s get back to normal. Everyone hates Matt Lauer, and that’s the biggest reason why “Today” is suffering. That, and the fact it is horrible. (NYTimes)

Sending Lauer to “Jeopardy” sounds like a horrible idea, though. Get Ken Jennings! (Uproxx)

MSNBC, at least, is making smart moves with its talent, moving the excellent Chris Hayes to primetime starting in April and bumping Ed Schultz to the weekends. Hayes and my girl Rachel Maddow airing back to back will provide two of the smartest hours on TV. Hayes already, and by a big margin, has the most diverse guests among the Sunday cable news shows. (Media Matters)

More Chris Hayes should make everyone want to say “Yeah!” A lot. A la James Hetfield. (Uproxx)

More Benedict Cumberbatch is heavenly as well, even when he’s being creepy/sexy. (Celebitchy)

Jim Gaffigan likes to pretend he’s creepy, but this writer is more enamored with the comedian’s “wholesome” acts and their lack of “bad words.” It’s not without merit, but … I’m just going to say “Hot Pocket” in a high-pitched voice and move right along. (Wall Street Journal)

You know what’s worse than bad words? The fact that “masculine writing” is dead. Or something. “Somewhere men’s masculinity got hocked for gadgets, video games, fast-food drive-thru’s, designer clothing, 10-minute oil changes, and reality TV.” Have fun arguing. (The Daily Beast)

We can all agree, at least, that most desk jobs suck. (Wired) There are pictures to prove it:


You’re probably stuck in a cubicle because you got a B.A. in Communications. (The Onion)

At least you’ll have more time to watch videos. And because two a cappella items in one post aren’t enough, here’s a fun one that is making the rounds:

Sarah Carlson is a TV critic for Pajiba. She lives in San Antonio. You can find her on Twitter.

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