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Critics Got to See Marvel's 'Inhumans' Pilot, And It Did Not Go Well

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | August 6, 2017 |

By Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | August 6, 2017 |

Hi! No need to panic - you’re not in a weird time warp or something. Today is Sunday and you are seeing a Pajiba Love today. If you didn’t see one on Friday, you are correct. There wasn’t one. If you DID see one on Friday… what is your drug of choice and where might one acquire some of it? ASKING FOR SCIENTIFIC REASONS.

Anyway. On with the Loving.

The Biebs has apologies (in a single, long-ass block of text that made my eyes burn) and also T-Shirts! - (Lainey)

Those who have seen the trailer for Marvel’s new ABC TV series The Inhumans may not have expected much from the series, but apparently, the pilot doesn’t even meet those expectations. Critics got to see it at the TCA’s this weekend, and it made for a very awkward panel afterwards as they attempted to uncomfortably ask, “Why is this show so awful,” without actually saying, “This show is really awful.” (Uproxx)

Here’s an early take:

Carpool Karaoke dancing with the Stark sisters and more! - (VF)

Caitlyn Jenner, who evidently doesn’t own any hair ties or clips and can only pull random hats out of a closet (ALLEGEDLY), didn’t mean to wear the MAGA hat she wore the other day, because NOW she’s not a Trump supporter. - (Celebitchy)
Sure Jan.gif

Norman Lear, a teevee legend, and someone who really isn’t a Trump supporter, will receive the Kennedy Center Honor award. He won’t be attending the ceremony, however, since President* Trump may be the one to present the award. - (The MarySue)

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I never thought I wanted a blue lipstick, but goddammit, Kat Von D made me change my mind. These are some glittery, gorgeous colors. - (Revelist)

The Dark Tower debuted this weekend at the box office, and again, it did not go well. (Uproxx)

I generally choose Cottonelle or Quilted Northern, but this might be my new toilet paper of choice. - (The Hill)

These are not only the prettiest otter pops, they’re the wineiest! - (Brit & Co)

The title is hyperbolic and pretty inaccurate, but ignore that. Look at these cool pictures of fruits and vegetables that sprout too early. - (Bored Panda)

Does FOX News even have an HR Department? Jesuschrist. Yet another sexual harassment claim, this time against Eric Bolling and his unsolicited dick pics. GUYS, (especially guys who work at FOX) stop sending women pictures of your junk unless they ask you for a picture of your junk! It’s not really rocket surgery. - (Dlisted)

I think we’re all feeling like those poor bastards who have to put the menus together each week at Blue Apron right now. (McSweeneys)

SERiously! Trying to make friends in your 30s and older is so hard! And if you don’t have kids, so you’re not even meeting parents of kid playmates and stuff, good luck with that! - (NYT)

Angie did not care for the way Vanity Fair presented her “make poor kids cry by traumatizing them” audition tactics and demanded an apology and retraction. Vanity Fair is all, Nope. That’s what you said. We have it on tape. So… - (LG)

Fantastic Newsweek cover story about Al Bundy Donald Trump. - (Newsweek)

There are some good shoes and cool shades in this roundup, but the clear winner is Cara Delevingne’s jeweled lacy overlay. That was such a stunning look. - (GFY)

Cannonballer and Pajiban xoxoxoe has a secret identity. She is also known as Elizabeth Periale, and she has written and illustrated Unfinished, a Graphic Novel of Marilyn Monroe. Several Cannonballers took Elizabeth up on her offer of free books in exchange for honest reviews. So far the reviews are very good. How secret is your secret identity? (Cannonball Read 9)

In SHOCKING news, men speak twice as much as women do in films. They also have more than double the amount of character representation. I told you you would be shocked. (Not related but related: this study was conducted at University of Southern California’s Viterbi School of Engineering’s Signal Analysis and Interpretation Lab (SAIL) and I used to work with Dr. Viterbi when I lived in San Diego and was but a young Bobainey. Yep. Lots of people have celeb encounter stories. Mine is that I worked with the engineer who has a school named after him. Jealous?) - (Indiewire)

Canada is just very different than its sister to the south.

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