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Conan O'Brien Puts The "AH!" In Hanukkah With His Human Centipede Menorah

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | December 21, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | December 21, 2011 |

Happy Hanukkah you Hebrews and Goyim! Conan O’Brien, my second favorite late night host, (this would due my first), unveiled his Human Centipede Menorah last night. It’s my second favorite Menorah joke of the year! (This would be my first.) Also, reminder, “American Horror Story” is on tonight. (Warming Glow)

My friend from high school, Charley sent me the BEST link today. Throw away all the other Hey Girl tumblrs because Carl Kassell is about to record a very personal greeting on your home answering machine. (NPR Hey Girl)

I stole this link from one of our resident alcoholics wine enthusiasts, Scully. Science says alcohol is not making me dumberer. Ah, then, I think we only have the Kardashians to blame. (Today I Found Out)

Speaking of dumb things that excite me, the new Hobbit trailer is out. Our very own Rob has some lovely, restrained coverage here, but if you want to get your nerd on, head over to Bleeding Cool where they have a frame by frame breakdown. (Bleeding Cool)

Happy Hanukkah again! 2011’s most viewed IMDB profile belongs to a Jewish actress. So, in fact, does #2. Trust me, you want to be the brisket in this Kosher sandwich. I’ll let you fellas handle the pickle joke. (THR)

Shortlist has gathered together Hollywood’s best beards. The Baumer and Alan Rickman? It’s like Christmas came early my first Hanukkah present! (ShortList)

So-crates sent me this “Super Villain or Newt Gingrich?” quiz. And, brothers and sisters, I failed miserably. We’re in for an interesting election season. (Super Villain Or Newt)

Okay, fine, Newt isn’t actually a Super Villain, but Pat Robertson might be. He’s slamming the great Jesus/Tim Tebow sketch from last week’s episode of “SNL.” Robertson, it was funny, you d*ck. “SNL” is so rarely that funny, you leave Sudeikis and Killam alone. (EW)

Speaking of funny, this is what happened to your idea for the Great American Novel. (The Curious Brain)

I linked to a really rad poster for The Birds last week and it turns out this artist has a whole series. And they’re magnificent. And, um, all sold out? PRINT MORE. (Alien Corset)

Here’s a queer little hodgepodge of pop culture. It’s the heads of famous doctors in “Futurama” jars. Yes, okay, yes, there are some Time Lords in there, but there are other doctors too! The naked, blue penis-y one, to be precise. (Laughing Squid)

I know that Hobbit trailer has driven the thought of The Dark Knight Rises out of your geeky little brains, but I dig the hell out of this parody trailer. Because, really, WHAT IN THE HELL IS BANE SAYING?

Finally, my new favorite Hanukkah themed sexy video. Is she rolling around in a pile of gelt? That looks…melty.

Chevonne / My Menorah from WeCameInPeace on Vimeo.

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