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Conan Drops Some Wisdom On The Dartmouth Kids, Neglects To Explain Why He Stupidly Shaved His Beard

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | June 13, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | June 13, 2011 |

If there’s one thing I know about my Pajibans, it’s that they love bacon. Most of them. Either that or our vegan readership is very demure and quiet (not the usual vegan MO). Well have I got a totally useless thing for you! It’s PajiBacon, our website as Ron Swanson intended it. (PajiBacon)

You know how everything is better with bacon? Sammiches, salads, and even chocolate? Do you think that’s true about all our favorite artery-cloggers? Are these Mac n’ Cheese Waffles inspired or disgusting? (Just Jenn)

Speaking of inspiring, check out these Life Lessons Learned From Dance Movie Taglines. You know what life lesson I learned? Hollywood will slap a “2” on anything. (The Shiznit)

Ah, but as we well know, not every sequel is a mistake. Here are some great deals on sequels including The Back To The Future Anniversary Trilogy on Blu-Ray, and, via SlickDeals, some, if not all, of the Rambo flicks. I’m actually most excited about the deal on Stargate, I can’t really explain my fascination with that film. (Slick Deals)

Ah, but in the world of inexplicable fasciations, no one beats this subset of men who enjoy watching the “My Little Pony” television show. I’m not surprised these men exist (to each his own!), but I am surprised that they exist in such quantity as to have earned a nickname. Thanks to mswas for bringing the plight of the “Bronies” to my attention. (Neatorama)

Though, if they made a “Game of Thrones: Muppets Edition,” I would absolutely watch it. The guyliner on Animahl Drogo is fabulous. (Game of Thrones Muppets)

Speaking of fabulous and guyliner, you know I have much love for the gay community. Tracy Morgan’s recent homophobic schtick made me super pissed and while I’m slightly mollified by Tina Fey’s humorous and intelligent response, I’m still debating whether I can watch Morgan on “30 Rock” next season. (Evil Beet)

Ah, but I will never leave you, CoCo. Even beardless you are all that is sexy, smart and cool. Watch Conan’s fantastic Dartmouth commencement speech. Don’t worry, he addresses the bizarro lumberjack podium. (Celebitchy)

The smart, sexy cool folks over at AudioSuede are hiring! Oh, sure, they only pay in hugs, but if you’re musically inclined and want to tell the world about it, here is your platform. (AudioSuede)

The smart, sexy, cool Chez Pazienza takes a HuffPo writer to task for this piece on why, if you wanna be happy for the rest of your life, you should make an Ugly Man your Wife-er Husband. (Deus Ex Malcontent)

I will readily admit that this FreddeGredde cat is sort of creepy, but I’m blinded by my love for Queen. So here he is, creepily cloned, singing all the parts and playing all the instruments for “Killer Queen.”

Joanna Robinson keeps her Moët & Chandon in a pretty mini-fridge. Ya know, so it’s always chilled and ready.

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