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Comparing Emma Stone To Lindsay Lohan? That's Like Comparing Apples To Snotty, Lying, Privileged, Cokehead Oranges.

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | September 6, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | September 6, 2011 |

Autumn is here, my ever-changing leaves, time for scarves and sweaters, cozy mugs of tea and spices. So I’ve packed this edition of Pajiba Love to the brim with my favorite spice, Ginger. Our first link of the day comes from a whole passel of female Pajibans (spearheaded by the very gingery Pinky McLadybits). A few Pajiba contributors, past and present, and some long-time readers have bandied together to create this fantastic product review site. Check it out, the ladies put a lot of hard work, talent, and pretty into it. (Hot Ink)

Speaking of hard work, my busy beavers little bees, I hope you enjoyed your holiday yesterday. Or if you, like me, were at work, I hope you got paid extra. In honor of Labor Day, GOOD has put out a list of 10 Great Things Courtesy Of Labor Unions. (GOOD)

Be glad I took the high road on that Labor Day link. I almost shared something about the filthsome non-food items that get mushed into your hot dogs. Instead let’s talk about bacon. Here are some Essential Bacon Hacks…cured bacon cures what ails ya. (Life Hacker)

Unless, of course, what ails ya is heart disease. Then again, in a world where the 1690 calorie “Mac ‘N Cheese Big Daddy Patty Melt” exists, I don’t hold out hopes for anyone’s heart. Monstrous. (Cinema Blend)

Oh! Speaking of monsters! Have I got the link trifecta for you! First of all, a giant crocodile was captured alive in the Philippines. It is, as you would expect, giant. But the croc pales in comparison to the magnificent giantude of ze dinosaurs. Check out these magnificent, and apparently accurate, drawings of dinosaur Battle Royales. And, finally, please check out this amazing round-up of Tokyo’s Ten Weirdest Mythical Creatures. The descriptions are great, but the illustrations are even better. (CNN Go)

Let’s take some time to appreciate the human monsters among us. The bafflingly popular Michele Bachmann has said that if she becomes president, she would like to investigate the need for a Department of Education. YES LET’S STOP WASTING OUR TAX MONEY ON EDUCATION. Criminy. (Political Ticker)

Also, it’s monstrous to propose that the reason I like Emma Stone is because I miss Lindsay Lohan…or what Lindsay Lohan could have been. For one, I never bought into Lohan being “one of the great child actresses of Hollywood.” Secondly, I think the author severely underestimates Stone’s charisma and comedic talent. Thirdly, and most importantly, I do not miss Lindsay Lohan, not even a little bit. (The Daily Beast)

OBLIGATORY POST-LOHAN CLEANSE! Did you know Steve Buscemi was a volunteer firefighter? Did you know that during 9/11 he volunteered with his old company to help rescue First Responders? Me neither. (The High Definite)

I think it’s lovely that Buscemi volunteered without making it about him and I think it’s even lovelier that someone Sherlock’d that photo for us because I like thinking nice things about my favorite actors. Speaking of favorite actors and Holmes, the first footage from Season 2 of “Sherlock” is here. If you haven’t seen the first season, do yourself a favor and check it out. This clip is short but it’s from one of my favorite stories (“The Hound of the Baskervilles”) and features one of my favorite under the radar British actors, Russell Tovey. Have a look! (Bleeding Cool)

And no geeky British television reference would be complete without me talking (again) about “Doctor Who.” So dig, if you will, this picture of a pretty clever TARDIS dress. While not the PRETTIEST dress I’ve ever seen, I really admire the concept and execution. (Geeks Of Doom)

Okay, this one’s a head scratcher. Someone took a Bon Iver song (yay) and mashed it up with movie scenes from my youth (double yay!). But the scenes are sad ones (aww) and sometimes there’s Ashton Kutcher (WHAT?). Okay but it’s worth a watch for the Homeward Bound scenes alone. I really loved that movie. Also, I feel it’s only fair to warn you, here be Swamps of Sadness. ARTAAAAX.

Bon Iver - “Beth/Rest” from Matt Wells on Vimeo.

Finally, here’s an old clip (from March 2010) that’s making the rounds. One of my favorite gingers, Louis CK, paying homage to George Carlin. It’s sweet and funny and worth a look.

Joanna Robinson regrets she had no Geri Halliwell links for this Ginger Spice edition of Pajiba Love. Shall we all slam our bodies down and wind them all around? You know, out of respect?

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