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Colin Firth Demonstrates Why We Like Him Very Much, Just As He Is. Pisses Off Mortal Men In The Process.

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | February 22, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | February 22, 2011 |

Greetings and salutations my darling film buffs, geeks and fanatics. Here’s a great if rather lengthy video of 150 filmic lines and catchphrases…I think I use about 124 these on the regular. That’s probably abnormal, right? (The High Definite)

Oh, Colin Firth, seriously, you can stop, I already love you. I promise. You had me at hello. (Celebitchy)

My incredible X-Men and amazing Spidermen (and you ladies too), here is a list of comic book characters who would be terrible in the sack. That’s right, Gambit, Rogue’ll kill ya! I’m your Huckleberry, cher. (Unreality)

Did you know that we probably/possibly/allegedly already had a gay president? Did you know he was probably/possibly/allegedly shacking up with his VP? You don’t think that’s the truth? You can’t handle the truth. (Wikipedia)

SHALL. WE. PLAY. A. GAME? For all you video game enthusiasts, the Smithsonian is mounting an exhibition/archive in 2012 called “The Art of Video Games” and is letting you (yes, you!) vote on what games should be included. I’d vote for Dr. Mario (a.k.a. BEST GAME EVAR!)…which is why I’m not voting. (Smithsonian)

Surely you can’t be serious, Minnesota. WHAT DO YOU HAVE AGAINST BREASTS?!? Actually, this bit of prudery made me laugh. (LA Times)

If anyone ever asks me what my major (malfunction) is, I’m going to say “THE UNIVERSE!” (xkcd)

**Okay, my darlings, I’m going to stop with the catchphrase gimmick because some of the following links are of a more (why so) serious nature and it seems disrespectful. Also, it was getting a little stale. Maybe it started stale. MOVING ON.**

Someone with more patience than I has charted all the relationships of the past four seasons of “Mad Men.” Fans of Season 3, Episode 6 (a.k.a The Lawnmower Episode, a.k.a. the episode where creator Matthew Weiner was all, “YOU THINK NOTHING HAPPENS ON MY SHOW?! I’LL SHOW YOU SOMETHING HAPPENING!) will find what they seek on the bottom right corner under the typo “cut of foot.” Needless to say, spoilers abound. (I Love Charts)

A massive and devastating earthquake has struck in Christchuch, NZ. New Zealander Pajibans, our thoughts are with you, your families and loved ones. (Stuff)

Here’s a list of 10 everyday foods that affect you like a drug. I wouldn’t exactly call areca “betel” nuts an everyday food…like, they don’t sell them at MY market. I will, however, be feasting on some nutmeg-laced sweet potatoes tonight. Disgusting? POSSIBLY NOT. (io9)

In the wake of the news that two Libyan fighter pilots defected to Malta rather than gun down their fellow citizens, several Libyan diplomats have resigned their post in protest of Gaddafi’s actions. Seriously, what is going on in the world? This is amazing. (Yahoo)

BBC Radio 4 is airing a series of talks by my favorite naturalist (what, you don’t have a favorite naturalist?), David Attenborough which are available for a limited time on their website. I have so many favorite Attenborough moments including the time he pulled a possum out of his shirt, the time he munched on some ants and, featured below, the time he said “boo” to a sloth. Many warm thanks to Simon for bringing this to my attention. (BBC)

Wisconsin Pajiban, Fi sent in this great video chronicling three days of the protests in Madison. Not only are the images and snatches of speeches inspiring, but the video is set to one of my favorite Arcade Fire (who the f*ck are they?!?1) songs. In solidarity (and cheese curds) right back atcha, Wisconsonians!

Joanna Robinson doesn’t have to show you any stinkin’ badges…but she will, if you ask nicely. [email protected]

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