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Citing Regional Differences, Eliza Dushku Dumps Her Boyfriend and Returns to Basement-Happy Boston

By Geek Girl Diva | Pajiba Love | June 24, 2014 |

By Geek Girl Diva | Pajiba Love | June 24, 2014 |

Joan Lunden has breast cancer. This bums me out. But I also know she’ll kick its ass. Cancer f*cking sucks. (THR)

That whole thing about the little girl getting kicked out of KFC because of her facial injuries? It may be a scam. Hoax. Grift. I hate people. (DListed)

Okay, no more serious. So, on to the silly. Like the idea that Kristen Stewart thinks going toe to toe with Joan Rivers is a good idea because Rivers said something “defamatory” about Stewart’s relationship with Rupert Sanders. (Lainey Gossip)

If you were wondering where Natalie Portman’s been, she was spotted and photographed. (GFY)

Lena Dunham slammed NBC for not airing an ad for Obvious Child because it had the word “abortion.” I’m with Lena here. Apparently, all the glorious blood and gore of Hannibal is A-OK, but you say the word “abortion” and that’s a no no? (Celebitchy)

The Queen’s trip to the set of Game of Thrones and the Iron Throne itself gets the best subheader ever from Jill Pantozzi. “I will take what is mine with tea and corgis.” (The Mary Sue)

Someone made a cake of Dany’s Dragon Egg gift from Game Of Thrones. If someone doesn’t report back on a spit take after clicking this link, I’m gonna be bummed. (That’s Nerdalicious)

This got a 100 on my snark-meter. (SomeECards)

A study says shows like HIMYM made us into cynics who don’t believe in love. Dustin calls bullsh*t. With a brilliant visual exclamation point. (WG)

Patrick Stewart met Yoda and proves, once again, that he’s the most perfect man on the planet. (Nerd Approved)

Sometimes, the Kindle makes book buying too easy. Alexis spent a mere $1.99 on The Professional by Kresley Cole, and she regrets it. You, however, will be happy she didn’t spend her money on coffee instead, because her review is hysterical. (Cannonball Read 6)

Sam Smith is 21 (SERIOUSLY) and puts more soul and heart into this slowed down cover of Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know” than someone 3 times his age. Also, he sounds like a male Julia Fordham, which is a total plus. (Mashable)

Eliza Dushku (Dollhouse) has broken up with her boyfriend, former NBA player Rick Fox. He’s an L.A. guy. She’s a Boston gal. It was just never going to work out. On the bright side, Dushku really appreciates the basements in Boston. (E!)

Since I’m now the official Pajiba Supernatural Bitch™, a post from my Supernatural archive. Someone cut together a video to “I’m Sexy And I Know It” and it’s amazing. (You gotta click to see it) Plus, this video called “We’re The Freakin’ Winchesters,” which I tucked in below. GGD)

Geek Girl Diva needs a mental health day and cookies.

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