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Holy Crap, Christopher Nolan Put Sex Stuff in ‘Oppenheimer’

By Mike Redmond | Pajiba Love | July 10, 2023 |

By Mike Redmond | Pajiba Love | July 10, 2023 |


In a surprising move for Christopher Nolan, whose films are typically allergic to sex — Sorry, folks, two seconds of Batman losing his virginity in his 40s doesn’t count — Oppenheimer is going to have pants explosions, too. Neat. (A.V. Club)

Drake blasts the homophobic responses to his nail polish. (Lainey Gossip)

Jonah Hill is selling some very awkward merch right now. (Celebitchy)

In case anyone is wondering, the whole Britney Spears getting slapped thing was a nothingburger. Footage revealed that Victor Wembanyama’s security pushed her hand out of the way, and she clearly smacked herself in the face. She was not backhanded to the ground. As for the supposedly violent nature of the reaction, even Britney’s own security team said it’s a standard move to push away the hands of fans. More concerning, she was heard talking with a British accent during the whole encounter. I’m not even joking. And to get even more serious, if you know anything about mid-aughts Britney, that is not a great sign. I’d be less worried if she were firing six shooters into the air. (The Wrap)

Twitter beats out Threads for coveted Taliban endorsement. (Rolling Stone)

Rainn Wilson was “mostly unhappy” making The Office. (IndieWire)

Even though the dumbass senator in this new Tom Segura clip is easy to guess, this deleted scene still kills. (YouTube)

Bet you didn’t wake up today worrying about dam failures. (Esquire)

Jane Adams told feminists who don’t like The Idol to “f*ck off.” Yikes. (Jezebel)

James Gunn tells Doom Patrol fans not to worry: The final episodes are coming, and you can trust the guy who said The Flash is one of the best superhero movies ever made— wait. (Deadline)

I had no idea Prime is an energy drink made by Logan Paul. Now that I do, if Chuck Schumer needs my help, I’ll personally rip cans off the shelves myself. You have my sword! (Kotaku)

Tiny_bookbot didn’t read Dorothy B. Hughes’ In A Lonely Place to find out Dix, the main character, is the murderer. “But how he’ll slip, and how the trap will snap shut around him, is what is so compulsively readable.” Are you familiar with Hughes’ hard boiled noir? (Cannonball Read 15)

From Kayleigh: