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Christina Hendricks Is Modeling Jewelry? Yeees. . .That's Totally Where My Eyes Went, To The Jewelry

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | March 2, 2011 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | March 2, 2011 |

Watch out my darling aircraft carriers and submarines, someone has put together a spiffy version of the classic Battleship Drinking Game. It’s nice and all, but I think there’s a certain fratboy charm to the version played on pizza boxes. Now where’s my Crossfire Drinking Game? CROSSFIYAH!!! (Laughing Squid)

I always thought Bansky was English, but now I’m fairly certain he’s Zachary Quinto. (Film Drunk)

Are you hard on yourselves, my sweet apple blossoms? Both the New York Times and I urge you to take time to smear Self-Love Spackle on your bruised souls. Please take that in the least gross way possible. I’d appreciate it. (NYT)

R.E.M. is very good music for the hurty soul. You can listen to their new album here before it’s available for purchase. (NPR)

My battered (and fried!) soul, however, enjoyed this remix of the King’s Speech. I’d say it has everything (My Cousin Vinny!) but they forgot Judd Nelson. (The Curious Brain)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DR. SEUSS!! Did you have a favorite Seuss growing up? Mine was “The Sneetches.” Then again, when I was little, Seuss didn’t have to compete with “Goodnight Dune.” (Goodnight Dune)

Speaking of spice, designer Vivienne Westwood has, in some sort of elite Ginger conspiracy, hired Christina Hendricks, she of the pillowy bosom, to model a new jewelry line. Well, actually, if we’re talking necklaces, Hendricks is a natural choice. (Celebitchy)

Not to be accused of ONLY dishing up cheesecake in the P. Love, I’m going to serve you a slice of beefcake. Yup, Robert Pattinson (my nemesis) models the latest in crocodile fashion (what is up with the animal thing, Vanity Fair?) and talks about how he enjoys “Two and A Half Men.” NEMESIS. (Evil Beet)

I’m kidding, of course, my real nemesis is Fox News who, in this clip, blatantly manipulates their viewers into thinking the protestors in Wisconsin have turned violent. Only trouble is there are no palm trees in Madison last time anyone with a brain checked. (Youtube)

The protestors have, of course, remained non-violent throughout, despite being unlawfully locked out of the Capitol building. Luckily for everyone, it turns out the Sheriff of Madison is a real crackerjack fellow. (TPMDC)

Decidedly UNcrackerjack are the lawmakers in Texas who wrote a bill that comes down hard on all who employ illegal immigrants unless they’ve been hired to work in your yard or clean your house. Seriously??! (CNN)

Okay, here, look at this adorable “Doctor Who” thingie and let it ease the bile. (BBC America)

Okay, that wasn’t enough for me either. How about this. Check out Fatboy Roberts and his great remixes of themes from film and television. You can see his website here or you can listen to his remix of the “Doctor Who” theme while this fetching young lady, dressed as David Tennant, dances on a pole. Your choice, really.

Splendid as that was (is), it’s not my favorite exhibition of geeky pole dancing. That award goes to this mesmerizing Harry Potter video. I’ve watched it a majillion times. I know, I know, I’ll go read a book now.

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