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Chris Pratt Cuddles With A Raccoon, and One Man's Hilarious Response After President Obama Asked Him If He Was Gay

By Agent Bedhead | Pajiba Love | July 14, 2014 |

By Agent Bedhead | Pajiba Love | July 14, 2014 |

Even after last night’s phenomenal The Leftovers, why do people still refuse to give Damon Lindelof a fair shake? (Uproxx)

Chrissy Teigen once got canned from a (super-Christian) Forever 21 shoot for being “fat.” For real. I get that modeling is mostly about looks, but that’s still a terrible thing to hear during a shoot. Also, does anyone really shop at Forever 21? (DListed)

A new PSA from the filmmakers of Dear White People begins, “Not to be racist, but ….” and goes from there. (Uproxx)

This year’s San Diego Comic-Con will be heavy on Warner Bros & DC (The Flash, Gotham, and Constantine) plus Sin City 2 and Fight Club. (Slashfilm)

Keri Russell looks quite fetching in a tiny skirt with a messy ponytail. (GFY)

An unreleased 1984 movie starring Bill Ghostbustin’-Ass Murray has found its way onto YouTube. I’m guessing the film is “unreleased” because it’s somehow even worse than Garfield, but hey! Bill Murray. (MF)

Chris Pratt snuggles with a real-life raccoon on the cover of EW for your viewing pleasure (not Bradley Cooper in CGI as Rocket Raccoon). These animals are often vicious and disease ridden, but this one seems really happy. You would be happy too if you were cuddling with Pratt. (CB)

Guillermo Del Toro has big, super-secret plans to direct a black-and-white indie movie in his downtime. Presumably, this serious project will happen before Del Toro returns to sh*t the bed again (in a profitable way) with Pacific Rim 2. (TMS)

Here’s a list of the most eeeeevil corporations in movies including (of course) the Soylent Corporation and Cyberdyne Systems. (FSR)

After an Austin cashier declared, “Equal Pay for Gay People,” to Obama while the President was paying for the food, Obama asked, “Are you gay?” The cashier’s perfect response? “Only when I’m having sex!” That pretty much describes my hetorosexuality. (Uproxx)

This cosplay of Gaige the Mecromancer should win all the awards. (Unreality)

Don’t feel bad about that fart attack you had a few minutes ago. Some really bored university scientists conducted a study to prove that smelling “reasonable” amounts of hydrogen sulfide gas could prevent cancer, strokes, and dementia. FYI: We call farts “pop secrets” in my home. (Jezebel)

This next link doesn’t sound like solid science either. The world’s first climate-controlled neighborhood is being planned for Dubai. It will be air conditioned and primed for people to consume like crazy. Huh. (io9)

Nickelodeon has canceled Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy’s Sam & Cat spinoff show after just one season. The reason? Drama city. (Us)

Captain America (the current one) and Hawkeye went and partied together at London’s (current) trendiest restaurant and lounge, the Chiltern Firehouse. How current. (Lainey)

Bethenny Frankel took her SkinnyGirl persona much too far by posing in her 4-year-old daughter’s clothing on Instagram. It was a tight fit, but she somehow pulled it off. Damn, Bethenny parties so hard on a weekend. (HuffPo)

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