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Celebrities Cuddle With Their Younger Selves & Other Things You Can't Unsee

By Agent Bedhead | Pajiba Love | August 1, 2014 |

By Agent Bedhead | Pajiba Love | August 1, 2014 |

Stephen Colbert is not simply the voice of reason on the Bloom-Bieber conflict. He’s also a fantastic, well-spoken father who gives great advice. (WG)

Leonardo DiCaprio was present for the Orlando vs. Swaggy Bieber smackdown in Ibiza earlier this week. Leo heartily clapped in response. (DL) If you want another update about Leo’s endless summer, this photo is everything. (EB)

The world needed another Expendables 3 trailer. Sure, why not? (Slashfilm)

Tara Reid has actually done something savvy. She’s cross-promoting Sharknado 2 with her new perfume, which is aptly called “Shark.” But it smells like mint, jasmine, and amber? Wrong. It should smell like murder. (Jezebel)

Megan Fox doesn’t even look like Megan Fox anymore. (GFY)

Robert Downey Jr. has taken to calling Chris Evans “Dorito.” The story behind that nickname is bizarre, and you’ll never be able to unsee the mental image. Also, Sebastian Stan has a new girlfriend. Let the mourning begin. (CB)

This is the best alarm clock in the world (besides a well-timed beej). It brews your coffee to “awaken several of your senses at once in a non-obtrusive way.” (TMS)

Someone with far too much time decided to photoshop a bunch of Oscar nominees with their younger selves. I can’t pick a favorite pair. Young Sandra Bullock actually looks older than the current one. (Unreality)

Selena Gomez pranced around in booty shorts yesterday in LA. Three inches of cheek were showing. That can’t be comfortable. (Lainey)

Let us celebrate the best Arnold Schwarzenegger film lines of all time — rewritten as a romantic comedy. (Uproxx)

Hey girl. Would you be surprised to learn that Ryan Gosling is moved to tears after having sex? Allegedly. (TB) In turn, Dwayne Johnson admitted that Gosling once made him cry. Let’s play connect the dots. (People)

Chris Pratt still has it bad for Anna Faris and gushes about her sexiness. He also says that son Jack is a fan of monster trucks. Really? Those things care the crap out of me. (Us)

Lana Del Rey’s “life advice” is just as dippy as you’d expect. (HuffPo)

Listen to your dogs, people. They know many things. They’ll take a dump in your shoes when you make them angry, but they’ll also save your life. (MF)

Not all dogs love Julia Roberts. One dog in particular is terrified of her. Julia confronted her hater on The Tonight Show.

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