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Celebrating The Fact That Peter And His Dinklage Will Be Back On Our TVs In Just Five Short Days

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | March 27, 2012 |

By Joanna Robinson | Pajiba Love | March 27, 2012 |

It’s Easy Listening Tuesday! What? That’s a thing! Here is M. Ward (the less menacing half of She & Him) debuting his newest Deschanel-less album. (NPR)

Of all the themed nurseries and playrooms I’ve seen on these old internets, this Narnia wardrobe is my favorite. (Nerd Approved)

Can we all agree that Jesse Eisenberg was created in a lab somewhere just so he could one day play the Woody Allen role in a movie? Also, Penelope Cruz, hotcha. Check out more stills from Woody Allen’s latest, When In Rome. (IndieWire)

Where do the new Ninja Turtles fit in on this chart of how to become Super? Where, Bay, WHERE?!?! (I Love Charts)

I can hardly contain my excitement for the return of “Game of Thrones.” I’m sure we’ll bombard you with more posts on later in the week but, in the meantime, please enjoy the very best of Tyrion Lannister. (Uproxx)

Speaking of insanely popular books, the “Harry Potter” is finally available in e-book format on Pottermore. More exciting (in my opinion), the Jim Dale audiobooks are available to purchase as well. That man is an audiobook god. (WSJ)

Monika Bartyzel has a fantastic piece on the dangers of worshipping Katniss Everdeen. The reason she’s such a great character is that she’s flawed (and a little aspergery at times and, lady, quit playing games with dude’s hearts). At any rate, it’s a wonderful read. (Movies)

The sneaky “leaks” and “heresay” surrounding the Trayvon Martin case are pissing me right off. Are you really trying to tell me that kid deserved to die, Florida PD? (Slate)

Here’s the first “official” image of the new “Doctor Who” companion. She’s lovely and all but I’m actually quite bummed because I was hoping she would be an alien of some sort. We need another cute young Brit chick like we need a hole in the head. MAKE HER GREEN. (Zap2It)
Jenna Louise Coleman.jpg

Speaking of irate reactions to casting, the Right are mad as h*ll that Jane Fonda has been cast as Nancy Reagan. (Big Hollywood)

“Wilfred” has more viewers than “Breaking Bad”? THE DOG SHOW? (Warming Glow)

I loved this piece on the advertising world of “Mad Men.” (Adtrak) Also, this bit on how technology (Tweets, Facebook) is interfering with our enjoyment of shows, particularly ones as subtle as “Mad Men.” I tried to multi-task while watching the premiere and had to give up. (Buzzfeed)

Speaking of potentially great TV, please help save the “BSG” spin-off show by joining this write-in campaign. Because encouraging cable networks to focus on original programming instead of reality shows can never be wrong, right? So say we all. (Geek Girl Diva)

TENACIOUS D IS BACK!!! Along with Fat Kilmer (who is quickly becoming my favorite Kilmer) and the always adorable Josh Groban.

Finally, of all the “Downton Abbey” spoofs I’ve seen, this is my favorite. The wonderful Richard Kind and Matt Walsh nailed it.

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