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Can Someone Convince Mindy Kaling That James Franco Is Not Worth a Juice Cleanse?

By Vivian Kane | Pajiba Love | September 16, 2015 |

By Vivian Kane | Pajiba Love | September 16, 2015 |

It’s Fashion Week, which means it’s that time when we all collectively cock our heads to the side and wonder if the entire fashion industry is an elaborate prank. (Go Fug Yourself)

Emily Blunt has been making the press rounds for her new movie Sicario, and she’s been talking a lot about gaining dual citizenship. Because she’s a human woman who spent her whole life being English, it’s natural that she would feel a little sad about giving up even a part of that. She also made a joke about the Republican debate. So clearly, Fox News wants her to get the hell out of their country. (Gawker)

Mindy Kaling’s description of her 21-day juice cleanse is mildly disturbing. Not only the teeth grinding and lack of sleep, but she did it so that James Franco didn’t feel her “bra pudge” when he guested on her show? Mindy, James Franco, whom you describe as a “mysterious and sexy weirdo” is not worth that much juice. (People)

Sienna Miller just walked away from a Broadway play because despite it being only a two-person show, she found out she would be getting paid half of her male co-star’s salary. (Stylist)

You guys, Ariana Grande feels really, really bad for that donut-licking thing. Like, really bad. (Translation: “I have a perfume I want you all to buy, so can everybody please stop being mad at me now?”) (Lainey)

The View has some new hosts and— shocker— they’re just as terrible as every other host that show has had. Here, they make fun of a Miss America contestant who is also a nurse specializing in Alzheimer’s, for daring to, I don’t know, exist? Speak words? Wear a stethoscope? I really don’t understand what they find so funny. (Mary Sue)

Sometimes The Toast’s imagined relationships are just too real. Like this: If Stephen Colbert Were Your Dad. (The Toast)

These Game of Thrones tinder profiles are pretty great, but am I wrong for thinking Oberyn’s “about me” descriptors should be flipped? (BGR)

Hello Barbie is like Siri trapped inside a doll’s body. Basically, it’s like the weirdest, most budget version of Her you can actually get. (Mashable)

Here’s the (imagined, but I assume entirely accurate) conversation that took place during that Vanity Fair dudes of late-night photo shoot. Aw, poor Corben. (Grantland)

Sometimes, when you’re introduced to a gifted writer who has been crafting fine works for going on two decades, you feel both excited to have found such a trove and yet irritated to have not known about her sooner. This is how ElCicco feels after reading Nalo Hopkinson’s first novel Brown Girl in the Ring, published in 1998. The novel won several awards and was nominated for a Philip K. Dick Award. It is an absolutely fascinating combination of dystopian future, Caribbean folk tale, and spirituality. Have you read this one? (Cannonball Read 7)

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